Bikers for Trump
*** RAPID RESPONSE FROM [email protected] REQUIRED ***

Our Bikers are on the road in battleground states and the number of Leftist ads running around the clock is staggering!

Democrats are pouring millions into Pennsylvania and Ohio, brainwashing millions of voters into abandon President Trump. The scale and magnitude of the Left's propaganda campaign is the worst-case scenario!

John, we need more Bikers on the front line knocking on doors, reaching voters, and countering the Left's unprecedented brainwashing campaign.

If we're going to prepare a rapid response capable of fighting back, our team estimates we need to raise at least $14,000 in the next 24 hours. Can we count on your support to lead the charge against the Left's radical campaign to buy this election?


Your response can't wait, these are races that will come down to 100's of votes. The radical Left already has a head start, and every day we waste are more voters we lose.

Our Bikers are the MAGA Movement's secret weapon. Help unleash our greatest asset by donating to fully equip them with the resources they need to end the Left's radical brainwashing campaign.

Thank you,
Chris Cox
Chris Cox
Bikers for Trump

P.S. Voting starts tomorrow in some states. A major contribution of $250, $500 or more would allow us to hit the ground running immediately. Will you step up with a major contribution of $250 or more today?

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