From Ed Markey <[email protected]>
Subject Puerto Rico
Date September 23, 2022 3:05 PM
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Dear friends,

This past weekend, Hurricane Fiona devastated Puerto Rico, causing unprecedented rainfall, flash floods, and mudslides, leaving the entire island without power and millions of people without running water.

Nearly a week later, much of the island is still entirely inaccessible, delaying essential aid and even a full assessment of the damage caused.

The people of Puerto Rico are in urgent need of relief, which is why we're reaching out to our nationwide grassroots movement to ask if you can help.

Will you please split $10 or anything you can between the Fiona Community Response Fund, Comedores Sociales, Proyecto Matria, and Nuestra Escuela today? Your support will be put immediately to work on the ground helping those in need across Puerto Rico. [[link removed]]

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The Fiona Community Response Fund is a collective fund led by a coalition of community organizations working on addressing both immediate humanitarian needs and the long-term power building work necessary to advance an equitable recovery.

Comedores Sociales is a non-profit community kitchen that seeks to eradicate hunger in Puerto Rico. They are on the ground in the relief efforts helping to feed anyone in need.

Proyecto Matria is a feminist community organization advancing economic development and providing shelter, food, security, and solidarity for marginalized groups across Puerto Rico, especially women, LGBTQ+ people, and rural communities.

Nuestra Escuela is the fiscal conduit who will be providing support with Vamos PR to a coalition of nearly two dozen local grassroots partners in Puerto Rico, addressing immediate humanitarian needs on the ground.

We cannot forget that Hurricane Fiona came almost 5 years to the day after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017 — a disaster the island was still very much recovering from.

The fact is that we must make necessary investments in order to prepare our communities for the future, especially in the face of the global crisis and increasing severity of natural disasters like these.

But right now, Puerto Rico cannot wait.

Now is the time to be in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico and work together to help them recover and rebuild from this devastating hurricane. Are you in?

Please split a $10 contribution to Fiona Community Response Fund, Comedores Sociales, Proyecto Matria, and Nuestra Escuela today and help fund their hurricane relief efforts on the ground in Puerto Rico. Anything you can chip in will mean so much. [[link removed]]

I've seen firsthand the incredible response our movement has given when we've sent emails like this in the past. Thank you for stepping up again today if you can.

In solidarity,

Ed Markey

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