From Jess Dannhauser, Graham Windham <[email protected]>
Subject Help make 347 more wishes come true!
Date December 20, 2019 5:51 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
We are so close to reaching our goal of 1,000 gift cards for kids and families this holiday season!

Friends like you have gotten us to 653 gift cards...and we just need 347 more to get us to our goal of 1,000.

That's why we are extending our Joy Drive until early next week -- because we know we can get there with your help.

And every gift card is a wish fulfilled.

Here's a sampling of what's on our kids' wish lists (along with what they're proud of this year!):

-Yahnina, 12, is proud she went to school on time, and wants Scrabble and the Game of Life
-Angeline, 12, is proud of sharing with her siblings, and would like a jewelry making kit
-Zaiden, 7, is proud of the figures he's built out of Legos. He asked for a Lego house, a Lego truck, Lego race cars, a Lego zombie cave, and a Lego Mars research shuttle.
-Wendy, 17, is proud of passing her tests and getting closer to high school graduation. She'd like Jenga, Uno, and a nail polish set.
-Omar, five months old, let us know (with some help from our staff) that in his free time he likes to crawl and sit, and is proud of "cooing and gripping my mommy's hand." He'd like a rocking pony and a book of nursery rhymes.

Help make the wishes of all of our kids come true with your gift!

For $25, you can provide a gift card to one child, young person, or family...or you can provide 10 gift cards for $250, or 20 gift cards for $500!

Click here to make kids' wishes come true with your gift: [link removed]

We know we can do this with your support, and we know our kids and families deserve it. Help us get there!

Jess Dannhauser
President & CEO
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