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Date September 10, 2022 7:00 PM
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An America United Announces Support of Pro-Law Enforcement, Tough on Violent
Crime Gubernatorial Nominees
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An America United this week announced contributions to pro-law enforcement and
tough on violent crime gubernatorial candidates across the country. Governor
Hogan has been a national leader on supporting our men and women in law
enforcement, enacting a $500 million re-fund the police initiative while the
far-left was calling for them to be defunded.

Earlier this week, Governor Hogan held a crime roundtable
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in Portland, Oregon with Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan. In
recent weeks, Governor Hogan also held law enforcement roundtables to promoteAn
America United’s crime plan
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in Nebraska and Iowa. On Monday, Governor Hogan wrote in aWall Street Journal
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, “with violent crime rising across America and police recruitment, retention
and morale at all-time lows, it’s important that we begin reversing the damage
by electing pro-law-enforcement leaders.”

An America United has made contributions to the following candidates:

Oregon Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan: In 2020, Oregon was
one of the centers of the defund the police movement. A former Minority Leader
of the Oregon House of Representatives, Christine Drazan has released a Roadmap
for Oregon’s future that proposes to “regain the trust and confidence of law
enforcement, fully fund state police and increase the number of law enforcement
officers with competitive salaries and hiring bonuses.”

Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo: After 26 years
serving in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Joe Lombardo was
elected Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada in 2014, reducing overall crime in
Clark County by 16.9% between 2015 and 2021. Sheriff Lombardo “believes fully
funding the police is essential to public safety, and he will always support
Nevada law enforcement.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp: While Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee
Stacey Abrams co-chaired a group that has supported defunding the police,
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been a strong supporter of law enforcement,
recently signing seven bills into law all focused on supporting the recruitment
of officers and creating tougher punishments for criminals.”

New Mexico Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti: New Mexico
gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti is running on a platform to fund and
support the police, end catch and release, and target dangerous illegal drugs.

In Trip To Oregon, Governor Hogan Supports Tough On Violent Crime and Pro-Law
Enforcement Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Drazan
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In a trip to Oregon this week, Governor Hogan joined
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Republican Gubernatorial candidateChristine Drazan
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for a roundtable to discuss solutions to combat violent crime, homelessness
and promote public safety. Governor Hogan highlighted the similarities in the
failures of the one-party control of Oregon, similar to that of Maryland before
Governor Hogan took office in 2014.

Watch Fox 12 Oregon Coverage Of The Trip Here: <[link removed]>

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Here's What They're Saying About The Trip:

Fox News:
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“Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is enthusiastic about the GOP’s chances
of winning Oregon’s gubernatorial race, predicting relentless crime could drive
voters to flip the state red and elect Republican Christine Drazan.

‘Portland is a poster child for far-left policies run amuck,’ Hogan told
‘America’s Newsroom’ hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino Thursday after visiting
the city.”

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“As elements of his party feud over the FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida estate
Mar-a-Lago, Maryland’s Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is…launch[ing] a new ‘tough
on crime’ offensive, Axios has learned.”

NBC Portland:
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“Republican Christine Drazan made an appearance in Portland yesterday. She was
joined by Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan, and a lot of the talk
focused on violence that has been apart of Portland the past few years, as well
as the role of local law enforcement.”

Fox Portland:
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“Politics in Portland saw national interest on Tuesday…Republican Maryland
governor, Larry Hogan, joined GOP Oregon gubernatorial candidate, Christine
Drazan at an event just down the street…The moderate Hogan says he is
supporting Drazan because he believes she embodies the same values he has when
tackling community safety.”

Oregon Capital Chronicle:
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“In 2014, voters in deeply Democratic Maryland shocked the nation by electing
Larry Hogan, only the second Republican to hold that state’s highest office in
the past half-century.

Hogan, who visited Oregon this week to campaign for Republican Christine
Drazan, believes Drazan can do the same.

‘You can change a state when people get to the point where they’re fed up, and
I think that’s where your state is now,’ Hogan said.

Drazan and Hogan joined a group of Oregon business owners, crime victims and
people who work with homeless Oregonians to discuss law enforcement and
homelessness on Tuesday afternoon. The two issues are top concerns for voters,
surveys show. Drazan, the Republican with the best shot at Oregon’s governor’s
mansion in decades, is leaning hard on Oregonians’ frustration with homeless
camps and rising violent crime rates in her pitch to Oregon voters.”

WATCH HERE: Governor Hogan Joins CNBC's 'Squawk Box'
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READ HERE: Governor Hogan Pens op-Ed In Wall Street Journal
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WATCH HERE: Governor Larry Hogan Joins Fox News' 'America's Newsroom'
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Marylanders join the nation and the world in mourning the passing of Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II—an iconic and beloved leader whose long life of
service commands immeasurable respect and admiration.

My full statement: <[link removed]>
— Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) September 8, 2022
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I saw for myself this week how Portland has sadly become a poster child for
far-left policies run amuck.

I’m helping @ChristineDrazan
<[link removed]> fight to move in a
new direction because Oregonians are ready for change, just like Marylanders
were in <[link removed]>
— Larry Hogan (@LarryHogan) September 8, 2022
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Stopped by @IAFF43 <[link removed]> Portland
Fire Department Station 1 to say thank you and hear about the challenges these
heroes face with riots, homelessness, and staffing shortages. These men and
women are always willing to run toward the danger. They deserve leaders who
have their <[link removed]>
— Larry Hogan (@LarryHogan) September 6, 2022
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