From Roth for Wisconsin HQ <[email protected]>
Subject Democrats can NOT be trusted to lead
Date August 31, 2022 9:30 PM
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My friend,

After the last two years, there's absolutely NO evidence to show that
Democrats can be trusted to lead!

With only $1,000 left to raise for our "Governor's Ticket" fundraising blitz
goal, we need you to make in investment in a conservative Wisconsin!
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Crime waves and inflation have both surged and gas prices are squeezing
American families. Billions of dollars are being spent on 87,000 new IRS agents
and student loan forgiveness – not to mention they're raisingYOUR taxes to pay
for their liberal agenda.

It's time for new leadership and Roger Roth is the conservative voice we need.
As the Wisconsin Republican nominee, he's facing a critical August fundraising
deadline and needs your help.

Will you contribute $10 or more now and help him meet his August deadline to
bring conservative leadership back to Wisconsin?
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Contribute $10 Today!
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Democrats are expecting us to just accept their failures. Tony Evers was asked
to take responsibility for the chaos in Kenosha and he called it a "dead issue."

We can't forget their failed leadership.

We need a conservative voice in Madison that you can trust! And with Roger as
theofficial Republican nominee, we need to support him in getting Tony Evers
out of Madison.

Roger is short $1,000 of his "Governor's Ticket" Fundraising blitz goal, and
with the race being as close as it is,EVERY DOLLAR MATTERS!

Your contribution today
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will help us power voter outreach, support volunteers, and broadcast our
winning message across Wisconsin.

Thank you,

Roth for Wisconsin HQ

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