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One thing you can count on with Ronny Jackson is a good old conspiracy theory.

Really, it’s just conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory with him.

From the FBI turning “into a secret police force working for democrats” to the IRS being filled with “special agents” to Dr. Fauci being a “lying tyrant,” they just never end.

If you’re as tired as I am of Texas’ 13th District Representative fabricating crazy conspiracies instead of helping hardworking Texans, will you support my campaign and help me defeat Ronny Jackson?

Create a Brighter Future of Texas’ 13th District

It’s not just Ronny perpetrating these crazy lies…his far-right BFFs are out there spewing misinformation too.

Ronny is banking on winning his seat based on these lies. In fact, he’s banking on these conspiracies to bring a “red wave” to DC in November.

We can’t let that happen.

We have the chance to flip Texas’ 13th District BLUE and stop the lies.

Can I count on you to make this a reality by donating $25, $50, or $100 today?

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Kathleen Brown
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