Hi Jack,


Yesterday Kelly emailed you and shared what we need to raise by the end of the month if we’re going to out-hustle and out-communicate her opponent in the race for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.


Raising another $15k before August 31 will give us what we need to expand our field program tenfold so we can knock on hundreds of thousands of doors before Election Day.


With education, abortion rights, trans rights, healthcare, and much more on the line, we need someone like Kelly fighting for families in Little Rock. 


We CAN do this, but we need you with us now.


Every dollar we raise will help us go the extra mile. Take a look at Kelly’s email below, and then pitch in whatever you can to help us elect a mom, social worker, and champion for Arkansas families at this link: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kelly-for-arkansas


Thank YOU!!


-Team Kelly

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From: Kelly Krout

Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2022 at 12:03 PM

Subject: Parenting as *valid* experience



Hi Jack,

Arkansas kids (my crew included) started going back to school this week, and I wanted to talk about parenting today, more specifically, how parenting is valid experience that translates *directly* into government work.


On Monday, the boys were up, fed, and out the door (early!). I mean, talk about logistics.


You are qualified to step up and run for office if you're a parent. Think about the skills we need daily as parents: navigating conflict, leading a team, listening skills, empathy, budgeting, keeping people safe, breaking ties, the logistics above – and often doing it all on very little sleep.

Collage of individual pictures of Kelly’s boys all with their backpacks on, ready for their first day of school with big smiles on their faces.

Here’s my crew on the first day of school!

While doing all that over the weekend, I was campaigning because the hustle does not stop with 83 days until Tuesday, November 8.


You and I know that Arkansas isn’t a Red state. We’re a non-voting state where *progressive* ballot initiatives tend to gain *a lot* of support.


That’s why my team and I are laser-focused on voter turnout, and we have our strategy in place to mobilize the one million eligible voters who did not cast their ballots in the last election.


We know we’re the underdogs in this race, but I’m the mom of seven sons, and I’ve got what it takes to hustle with the best of them. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to engage with people who feel left out, ignored, and like their vote doesn’t matter.


This won’t be a fair fight. We’re up against outside corporate spending – and every dollar we raise will make a difference.


We’re hoping to add to our team to ensure we have enough people power to bring home this win.


I know back-to-school season can be tricky (trust me!), but if you’re in a position to throw $25, $50, or whatever you’ve got our way, I’d be forever grateful for your support.


If we can raise $15,600 before the end of the month, we’ll have what we need to expand our field team and ramp up our September efforts. Will you pitch in now?

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


Thank you so much for your help today. I’m so lucky to have people like you in my corner.


Let’s do this!!




Kelly Krout is a mom, former foster parent, and a lifelong Arkansan. She’s also the ONLY Democrat running for Lt. Governor. Kelly loves breaking down policies and advocating for better systems for families. Please support Kelly’s campaign and let’s make a difference in Arkansas. Thank You!


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