No Time To Waste
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84 Days till Mid Term Elections…No time to waste!


The LEFT has a powerful secret weapon and that is their local grassroots! The Left, from diapers to grave, is engaged in local politics and local grassroots organizations.  


The only way progressives change the political landscape and transform our Representative Republic Constitutional Government into a Democratic Socialist Regime is to change one community at a time AND hope that conservatives will fail to show up. 


It’s the snowball effect, but REAL IMPACT begins at the bottom of the hill and rolls upwards! The snowball grows as numbers at the bottom swell and swallows up local government and bureaucratic positions and influence, swallows up local state representatives, it swallows up your state executive offices, and climaxes with US representation on the Hill. 

Anyone seeking real change knows they must build large numbers at the local level and your real impact is largely predetermined by this race at the bottom…


a race WE THE PEOPLE can win if we know how and where to show up!

The nation’s largest “left of center” grassroots organization is boasting of nearly 6000 chapters across the country and supported by incredible financial resources to pay for activists, as needed, to forward their local grassroots agenda. There are only 3143 counties in the country, which means that most counties are well represented by these radical Leftists who are working day and night to dismantle our nation and rebuild it into the nightmare it is quickly becoming! 


They openly press for a Democratic Socialist Regime change, Zuckerbucks, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking, Unsecured Drop Boxes, All-Mail Voting, Automatic Voter Registration, DC Statehood, Abolishment of the Filibuster, Voting Age of 16, One-Party Federal Takeover of Elections, Court Packing, and are the #1 organization forwarding the Green New Deal policies like the Inflation Reduction Expansion Act spending bill!! They are at the epicenter of everything we are fighting against!  


They work every angle from finding candidates, campaigning for their candidates, and coordinating grassroots volunteers to get the vote out in every district. They hammer every local elected official on their policy demands on a weekly basis. 


Their REAL secret weapon is that these folks SHOW UP where it counts, and they are making a real impact. You see it and feel it every day! 


ACT for America has spent the last 20 years building the largest 50 State Real Grassroots organization addressing every BIG ISSUE that impacts every American! There’s a lot of terrific rising stars that are weighing in and launching grassroots action, but effective national movements require strong funding, time, and experience to make a sizeable impact!


If you want to win, you must do it through tested and proven national grassroots. 


Nearly 25 million keyboard and smart phone actions taken by patriots like you! Help us make that 100 million by the end of year. It takes as little as $100,000 to guarantee this important REAL IMPACT work for the next year! Support US!


Nearly 1200 Chapters, over 400,000 dedicated activists, and the passage of more than 138 bills this season! We need your financial support to hit the LEFT HARD at the local level, to push them back on their heels, take back our towns, and resurrect AMERICA! Support US!


ONLY 49% of American’s voted in the last Mid-Terms. Will you help fund our effort to ensure every patriot is registered to vote and turns out to vote IN PERSON? Support US!


ONLY 15-27% of registered voters vote in local elections! Will you help fund our effort to ensure your community shows up and votes on every ballot?! Support US!


ONLY 55% of church attendees vote in elections! Will you help us fund the effort to plant ACT in FAITH Chapters in every town, changing the faith community culture to participate in every election? Support US!


Help us raise the voice and vote of America to a deafening roar in the halls of Congress and your state capitol!


With your support, Act for America is at the ready to make an immediate and lasting impact and transform our country into a REAL Representative Government of the people, by the people, for the people, from the local level to the White House! The only thing missing is the funding to get the job done where it counts! Support US!


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