December 13, 2019

Help us Stop the Hurt Before it Starts

There are an estimated 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse in America today with one-third under age 18. Victims of child sexual abuse are at greater risk than their peers for psychological, social and physical problems. Prevention of child sexual abuse is imperative.

That is why MassKids continues to educate parents, schools, youth organizations and the public about child sexual abuse and ways to prevent it through our Enough Abuse Campaign, to stop the hurt before it starts.

While the #MeToo movement spread awareness and triggered new reports of sexual assaults of adults in the workplace, MassKids' focus is on effectively preventing sexual assaults against children in their "workplaces," that is, in the places where they live and learn and play, because #kidstoo experience sexual abuse.

Hundreds of well-known people from sports, entertainment and music have publicly revealed their own experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Many high profile cases, from the abuse by Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky, U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nasser, rapper R. Kelley, financier Jerry Epstein, and others have also continued to heighten awareness about child sexual abuse.

You may have wondered- "What can I do to stop these terrible acts from ever happening?" If you did, we encourage you to support MassKids this Holiday Season and help us build the movement to ensure each child's right to a safe and healthy childhood—one free from the devastating and life-long impact of child sexual abuse.

Your donation will ensure that our prevention education, policy and advocacy work reaches more families, schools, youth organizations, and communities to prevent sexual abuse from ever occurring

MassKids is making progress on this difficult front - (click here to read more about our work in 2019 in our fall newsletter) - but we need your support to reach our goals for more children and families in 2020. We encourage you to choose MassKids as your priority charity this Holiday season and make a personally significant gift to support our cutting-edge work. Your tax deductible dollars go far since more than 90% of funds go directly to support our prevention programs. 

The youth chorus from Framingham schools that performed at one of our prevention conferences said it best:

Stop the hurt before it starts. We don't need more broken hearts.

Our kids should grow up fine and free. It's up to you and me!


In 2020, we will continue to take our Prevention Tour to more Massachusetts cities and towns, training local school and youth organization leaders about child sexual abuse prevention. We will release our new online training course designed specifically for youth serving organizations, and we will mobilize individuals everywhere to Pledge to Prevent child sexual abuse through specific, targeted actions. Please click the Donate button below and Choose Kids – Choose MassKids. 

Thank you for your efforts to ensure the safety of our children.


Jetta Bernier

Executive Director


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