This raid should scare everyone in our Country.
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If the last two years of government overreach and last night's raid on Mar-a-Lago doesn't make you want to help back the House from the hands of the left, what will?


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This raid should scare everyone in our Country.

The Republic is in jeopardy of becoming the next Socialist regime. Under Joe Biden, we are becoming a police state where the FBI is sent after political dissidents.

Attacking political opponents is what happens in third-world countries. NOT in America. This clearly shows that Biden and the Democrats are desperate; they know their control in Washington is under threat in November and 2024. They needed to silence their opposition.

I need your help – if you are absolutely OUTRAGED by the weaponization of the DOJ against Americans like President Trump, then I need you to act today. By donating IMMEDIATELY, you're helping us strengthen our campaign so Republicans can take back the House and hold the DOJ accountable.

We knew the midterm election was important, but the stakes just got EVEN HIGHER. What happens in November will affect THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY forever.

My primary election is in 14 days, so I need you to step up right now.

Can you make a quick contribution to the campaign of a strong, anti-socialist conservative?

Thank you,

Amanda Makki

Yvette Herrell for Congress Amanda Makki is an America First candidate for Congress in Florida's 13th District. A legal immigrant, attorney, and conservative national commentator, Amanda is a strong conservative with a proven record of fighting for the values and principles that made America the greatest country in the world! To support Amanda's campaign chip in $5 or more today!

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This raid should scare everyone in our Country.