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(12th December)

Let’s make 2020 about the people of this country and not its politicians. Let’s get out of the rut of the last three years and get on with our work of making this the greatest place to live and to start a family – a country where everybody has the opportunity to make the most of their lives. Vote for me - Michelle Donelan - to help make this happen.

This election that takes place tomorrow (12th December) is happening because a gridlocked and broken Parliament refused to respect the referendum result – or let the government govern. The choice is between a majority government that can act or another paralysed hung Parliament that cannot.

I voted remain but I believe in democracy. I have consistently voted for Brexit since the referendum. We need to give business the certainty to invest in the UK and get back to focusing on schools, hospitals, the environment and tackling crime.

The PM's deal allows us to leave the EU and maintain a strong working relationship. Labour want to call another referendum which would take up to a year and crippling business meaning job losses. The Liberals want to revoke and have said this would be their position even if they held their second referendum and leave won again.

A Conservative majority government will:

  1. Get Brexit done
  2. Ensure there are 50,000 more nurses and put record investment in the NHS
  3. Recruit 20,000 more police and tougher sentences
  4. Invest in education, technology, and infrastructure to drive opportunity and prosperity
  5. Keep economy strong and debt low
  6. Take back control of immigration with an Australian-style points system

I have championed our area for businesses to relocate to and tried to tackle local skills gaps by organising the Wiltshire Festivals of Engineering, Design and Technology. I try to visit on average two businesses a week to help support local job creators and listen to their needs. I have worked hard to promote apprenticeship schemes to our local business community and many more local people now have the opportunity to learn and earn.

For years I have campaigned to improve our education system for our constituency and for the country as a whole. From primary school to further education, a transparent, ambitious and deliverable system is the only way to ensure we raise the next generation with the educational standards we expect and the standards which provide them with the tools to build their own life and pave their own way in this world.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats would help Corbyn to become our Prime Minister. Vote for me for a committed, accessible, approachable and hardworking MP and also prevent Corbyn from gaining power. Corbyn would cripple our country - but the danger is he could win by the 'back door.' A vote for the Liberal Democrats could enable this. Don't risk a Corbyn government - vote Conservative to secure our future.


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