From Bill Posey Campaign <[email protected]>
Subject Biden’s Record-Breaking Failures
Date July 21, 2022 8:01 PM
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This weeks’ polls show the Biden Administration
accomplished a new feat — his approval rating dropped to an
embarrassing 29%, with nearly twice as many people thinking he’s
incompetent to do the job Democrats elected him to do!

Historical Low Ratings
These are the lowest approval ratings of any president at this
point in their presidency — ever. It’s not that hard to believe,
though…the world is falling apart around us.

* The Biden Administration is inviting illegal
immigrants to flood across our border, as more of our young
people are dying of fentanyl connected to the drug cartels;

* Gas prices and inflation are stretching Americans’ budgets
tighter than ever;

* Outrageous housing and energy costs are pushing seniors and
families closer and closer to homelessness;

* Crime is on the rise, while Biden and Democrats in Congress are
still working to defund our police.

Failure of Leadership - Disastrous Policies
Biden’s record-breaking failures and his
record-low approval ratings beg the question: how does one mess
up this badly, if not on purpose? Americans overwhelmingly think
the country is heading in the wrong direction, and yet Biden is
doubling down on his disastrous policies:

* A recently uncovered voicemail cast doubt on
the President’s original assertion that he had no involvement in
his son’s business dealings.

* He drained our emergency strategic oil reserves to sell it to
China, but he’s refusing to greenlight the Keystone Pipeline and
ramp up domestic energy production.

* Biden is coordinating a massive effort to mobilize Congress to
pass sweeping abortion legislation that would undermine the Supreme
Court’s landmark decision this month.

The list goes on and on.

This Is Our Opportunity
November is coming! We don’t just need to best vulnerable
Democrats, we need to win every election possible to build the
most powerful conservative majority in 30 years and take the
Speaker’s gavel away from Nancy Pelosi.

Now is the time for Republicans all over the country to link arms
and join together. If you are able, please consider getting
involved ( [link removed] )
to help us build a strong conservative majority to
hold President Biden accountable and reverse the damage done by
Biden’s dangerous policies.


Bill Posey

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