In the past two months our Bikers have driven 1,000s of miles supporting President Trump and his endorsed candidates from the violent Left.

We're the only grassroots organization with the determination to directly take on the violent BLM and ANTIFA radicals at any moment's notice. But if we can't keep our gas tanks filled, our Bikers aren't going anywhere.

Because of Bidenflation, our biggest cost is the gas to fuel up our bikes. If you care about defeating ANTIFA and BLM in the final months of the 2022 midterms, rush your contribution so our Bikers can fuel up their Bikes and hit the road.

Skyrocketing gas prices is a serious emergency that threatens the biggest advantage we have over the Left – mobility!

If you want to stop radical Leftist voter intimidation, our Bikers need to be on the road prepared to do the hard work everyone else is afraid to do.

Do not ignore this email. Bikers for Trump is supported entirely by grassroots supporters like you. And we're counting you to chip in whatever you can to keep our Bikers gassed up and on the road for President Trump.

As long as we have gas in our tanks, we'll never give up the fight to put America First and Draft Trump for 2024.

Thank you,
Chris Cox
Chris Cox
Bikers for Trump


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