There’s so much at stake this November

Friends — we wanted to be sure you saw Ed's note from this past weekend about his friend Peter Welch and the important Senate race up in Vermont.

Will you take a minute to read Ed's original email below, and then split a $5 contribution between Peter's campaign and Ed's efforts building our progressive movement nationwide today?


Peter is a Green New Deal champion who we can count on to fight for our shared values in the Senate. That's exactly why national Republicans have their sights set on Vermont, and why our movement needs to step up now when it matters most.

Thanks for chipping in today if you can.

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Friends -

A few weeks ago, I joined my friend Peter Welch up in Burlington to help his campaign for Senate in Vermont. I’ve known Peter for a long time, and there’s no one better to join me in this fight.

I don’t need to tell you how much is on the line this November: democracy, health care, and yes, climate action. Representing a state known for its natural beauty, Peter is a true Green New Deal champion, and it’s crucial we elect him to the Senate in November.

So I’m asking: Will you help give Peter a boost so we can elect another Green New Deal champion to the Senate? If you can, please split a $5 contribution between our campaigns today.

Ed Markey and Peter Welch in Burlington VT

It’s going to be tough to hold the Senate this November, but nothing worth doing is easy.

The GOP only needs to flip one seat red to take the Senate, and Vermont is one of their targets. Mitch McConnell and national Republicans have their sights set on winning there — and that’s why we need to help Peter out by showing our movement’s grassroots strength.

So, will you help keep the Senate blue and elect a Green New Deal champion by splitting a $5 donation between our campaigns today?

Thank you for chipping in today if you can.

In solidarity,

Ed Markey


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