Hi John,

I've got a huge FEC deadline coming up TOMORROW at midnight, and we need your help to show Nancy Pelosi and the national Democrats just how much support we have in KS-03.

Real Clear Politics already named our race "Lean Republican," but we will need your support to keep the momentum moving in our direction.

Democrats have already pledged to spend nearly $2 MILLION on attack ads, but with help from YOU and all my loyal supporters, we will fight back.

If the Democrats hold onto KS-03, they’ll continue enacting anti-American energy policies, spending money we don’t have, and leaving our southern border open for illegal immigration, drugs, and crime

We are going down the WRONG path with Democrats in charge. It’s time for KS-03 to elect a conservative leader who will stand up to Biden and change the trajectory of our country.

I appreciate your continued support of my campaign. Now, more than ever, we need patriots like you to stand up and help save our country. 
Build and Believe,
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