In January I launched my campaign for Utah’s 2nd District because I wanted to bring change to Washington.

I believe that 2022 is about the future of the Republican Party.

And I believe that our current elected officials have gone too far, and have abandoned practical, solution-oriented policymaking in favor of toxic obstructionism.

With a new district and a new path ahead of us, it’s time to say goodbye to ineffective career politicians and elect someone who’s ready to roll up their sleeves and go to work for District 2!

That day has finally arrived! Today is Primary Election Day!

I am proud of this campaign and what we have been able to accomplish over the past 6 months.

  • I am the first Republican primary challenger Chris Stewart as ever faced in his entire 10 year career in Congress.

  • I was the only primary challenger (House or Senate) to raise more money than their incumbent opponent at any point during this election.

  • And to make things more impressive, this was done without a single dollar of special interest money.

Because of your support, you have powered our campaign to unprecedented successes over the past few months.

And now it all comes together today.

Thank you for your support!

Erin Rider