From Mary Gay Scanlon, A Woman’s Place <[email protected]>
Subject tightening their grip
Date June 27, 2022 10:25 PM
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Republicans are tightening their grip on their existing political power. Not only that but they’re on the verge of expanding it.
John, the conservative justices installed on the Trump Supreme Court are saying the quiet parts out loud – they want to see a future where this court continues to strip Americans of their rights to marry, seek reproductive care including birth control and more.
We can no longer depend on our courts or the Republican party to listen to voters and do what’s right. We need to make sure we keep a Democratic majority so we have every chance to defend and save our rights. Chip in now. [[link removed]]
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A Woman’s Place is funneling resources to Democratic women running for office and fighting even harder in the post-Roe era. We knew that Roe was only a starting point, because it never guaranteed abortion access for all people, particularly for people of color, people with low incomes, and people in rural areas. But now without even that level of protection, these communities are facing real danger.
Join our mission and support Democratic leaders ready to do whatever it takes to protect the fundamental rights of women and the future of this nation. [[link removed]]
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Mary Gay Scanlon
The contemporary political landscape is filled with progressive women who are running for elected office up and down the ballot, who possess a true vision of equality for this country's future. A Woman's Place seeks to support their efforts by providing financial resources to embrace this tongue-in-cheek idea of what a woman's place should be.
We help put women where they belong: positions of political leadership throughout all levels of government.
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