From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date June 9, 2022 1:56 PM
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Dear John,

This week we saw backbench Conservative MP’s finally take heed of
Labour’s calls and put Boris Johnson’s leadership to a vote. Just last
week I wrote to my neighbouring Conservative colleagues, James Morris MP
and Gary Sambrook MP imploring them to call on Boris Johnson to resign.
This might not be easy, but it is the right thing to do for our country.

This was the Conservative Party’s opportunity to listen to the British
public. They have made it clear; they’re fed up with a Prime Minister who
promises big but never delivers. Fed up with a Prime Minister who has
presided over a culture of lies and lawbreaking at the heart of government.
Fed up with a Prime Minister who is utterly unfit for the great office he

Conservative MPs made their choice and they ignored the British public and
hitched themselves and their party firmly to Boris Johnson and all he
represents. Labour won’t get everything right, but I promise that when we
don’t, we will always be honest with you and treat you with the respect
you deserve from your politicians.

I promise that together we will end the farce we have seen in recent
months, that we will once again put the country first, get rid of this
tired, out of touch government and get Britain back on track.



This week we’ve seen the Conservative Party’s own ministers' step
forward to point out their atrocious failings when it comes to our NHS.
Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, said that successive Conservative
Governments left our health service “wanting and inadequate” when the
pandemic hit. What I found particularly scathing about this attack was that
it is entirely true.

The Prime Minister has also been told by the Health Secretary that he can
never deliver on his promise of 6000 new GPs, leaving those who need vital
NHS services in the lurch.

For over a decade, waiting times for cancer care have been going up. The
Governments solution was supposed to be diagnostic hubs, but since they
opened last year, 135,000 extra people are now waiting for scans and tests.
This means figures now total 1.208 million patients on waiting lists for
diagnostic scans and tests. The NHS target is that no one should wait more
than 6 weeks for scans and tests, but 267,000 patients have been waiting
longer, 40,000 more than in July.

Cancer waiting times have worsened every year since the Conservatives came
to office in 2010, with 1 in 3 patients today waiting more than the
recommended two months between being urgently referred by GPs until they
start their treatment.

But what would Labour do? Your next Labour Government will:

1) invest in quality healthcare with the staff, modern equipment and
technology needed to bring waiting times down and we’ll confront the
shocking health inequalities that leave those who are poorest, more likely
to be less healthy, more likely to die sooner and were the most badly
affected by Covid.
2) guarantee mental health treatment within a month for all who need it,
see a radical expansion of the mental health workforce, resulting in over a
million more people receiving support each year, alongside unprecedented
investment in children’s mental health after the disruption of the
3) will deliver the biggest children’s health and wellbeing programme
ever seen - supporting children through every stage of their development,
whether physical or mental.
4) fix social care so that those who need it aren’t going without care.
We’ll do this through ensuring that more people can access care and
ensuring that people can live in their homes for longer, supported by
carers paid the real living wage of £10 an hour they deserve.



As Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Development, the neglect by
the Government for people in Afghanistan has been extremely worrying.
Almost a year since the fall of Kabul, the Government has forgotten about
Afghanistan. No government minister has visited the country since its fall,
the delivery of aid has been painfully slow, and the international pledging
conference, hosted by the UK, fell more than $2 billion short.

This week David Lammy and I have been in Afghanistan to see for ourselves
the reality for the Afghan people and the good that UK aid can and does do.
At a visit to a maternity hospital, I saw the incredible work that UNFPA
supports to help prevent maternal deaths, in spite of cuts of 85% by this
Conservative government.

With hard-won rights in reverse, some of the highest maternal mortality
rates on earth, and a lethal humanitarian and economic crisis, we must not
let 20 years of progress go to waste.

The UK government must set out a comprehensive strategy for its engagement
with Afghanistan, with women at its heart, to tackle the cause and symptoms
of the humanitarian crisis.

This is also an issue that is affecting so many of my constituents and so
before I left, I spoke to ITV Central about my expectations for the trip. I
also introduced them to Ayesha, a resident in our constituency, who spoke
about her concerns and worries for her family members in Afghanistan.


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on behalf of Preet Kaur Gill, both at 56 Wentworth Road, B17 9TA.
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