From Team Roth <[email protected]>
Subject Democrats Raising Money
Date June 6, 2022 7:56 PM
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... to Cover Failed Policies

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Tony Evers has spent a pretty penny on his recent ad campaigns to cloak his
failed policies. Over $3 Million, actually. But that's like putting lipstick on
a pig. The pig is still a pig and Evers is still a failed Governor. 


Evers is using cherry-picked statistics and hand-selected scenarios that try
and cover up the disaster of his administration. 


It seems Tony Evers thinks Wisconsinites aren't smart enough to see through
his tricks.Contribute now to put an end to his patronizing partisan power. Your
contributions will help us expose the truth about his regime.
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It's going to take more than expensive ads for Evers to cover up the trail of
disastrous policies he has left over the last four years. 


We can't let voters forget the damage he has caused with his failed economic
policies, disastrous COVID strategies, and dangerous stance on crime!


Contribute today to return conservative leadership back to the driver's seat!
It's time to put an end to Democrat leaders taking your money and failing to
address the issues that matter most!
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Thank you,


Team Roth

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