From John Fetterman <[email protected]>
Subject I'd like to tell you about my tattoos
Date June 5, 2022 2:08 PM
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Hey John, it’s John. I'm the official Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania!!!!!! 😁

We both know I don’t look like a typical politician. Maybe that’s why my tattoos are *literally* the first thing people Google about me.

Photo of a Google search for "John Fetterman tattoos"

Well, enough Googling. Today I’ll tell you about my tattoos myself, and why I'm humbly asking for YOUR support in this race. (We're the #1 Most Likely to Flip U.S. Senate seat in the country, so we can't take it for granted!)

On my left arm, I have the ZIP code 15104. That’s Braddock, Pennsylvania, my home and the community I was honored to serve as mayor for 15 years. Gisele and I are raising our kids here in Braddock, right across the street from Andrew Carnegie’s first steel mill.

Photo of John Fetterman's left arm tattoo

On my right arm I have nine different dates. These are the dates when people were killed through violence in Braddock while I served as mayor, starting in 2006. Seven out of nine were gun deaths. I actually have to get one more date added because in June 2018, there was another tragic loss of life. My heart breaks everytime I’m reminded of that.

Photo of John Fetterman's right arm tattoos

My first tattoo came after January 16, 2006. It was my second week on the job as mayor after winning my election by a single vote. I received a call and was summoned to a police crime scene where a pizza delivery man had been robbed and killed by gun violence.

Every time Braddock lost someone was the worst feeling in the world, John.

In a close-knit community like Braddock, it’s very likely that you know the victim and their family. It’s an incredibly wrenching and personal experience as a mayor — but nothing compared to what the families have to go through.

In my 13 years as mayor, I worked with the community to take on gun violence and other important issues that Braddock faced every day. I helped initiate youth + art programs for the students of our community and we worked together to create a community center.

We also worked to develop buildings that had been written off, kick-started our economy and reduced deadly violence. My proudest moment as mayor of Braddock is when our community went 5 ½ years without the loss of life due to gun violence.

John, I’m running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania because I believe *every* community is worth fighting for. Just like Braddock.

It is my promise to you that I'll fight for you + your community as if it were my very own. 

That promise is written on my arms. Literally. ❤️

Photo of John Fetterman's tattoos

In order to build the kind of Democratic U.S. Senate campaign that can flip Pennsylvania blue + fight for every community, however, the honest truth is that we need to raise a lot of money right now. A big part of that is online activists like you chipping in when you can.

And now that I am *officially* the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, the team and I could *really* use everyone’s help right now.

So, I gotta ask:

Will you please split a donation between my campaign and Abby Finkenauer's? Every dollar helps flip these seats blue, expand our Democratic majority and send two new Democratic senators to Washington where we'll fight like hell for your community – just like we fight for ours.

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Thanks for all you do. Together, I *know* we can win this.

Let’s gooooo. 🔥


John Fetterman
Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania


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