A KNOWN TERRORIST was given a GPS monitor and set loose into our country!
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John -

In April, a terrorist was released into the U.S. by Border Patrol and was given a GPS monitoring device instead of being held in jail. A KNOWN TERRORIST was given a GPS monitor and set loose into our country!

The FBI identified him as a terrorist threat, and then WEEKS later, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested him in Pinellas County, FL!

The Biden Administration allowed a known terrorist to live in my community for weeks! The wide-open border and lax enforcement put you at risk for a terrorist attack in your own backyard. We need to seal the border now.

Will you support my campaign to enforce immigration laws and keep terrorists out of our nation?

Governor DeSantis has demanded that the Biden Administration tell them how many illegal aliens have been dropped into Florida, but now we need to know how many know terrorists are living next door!

President Biden is allowing us to be directly terrorized by his relaxed immigration policies. That is why Republicans need to take back the House, to reinforce the border and enforce federal immigration law!

The road to a Republican House Majority runs through FL-13, but we need to make sure the right conservative is elected. Can you chip in $5, $15, $25, or even $100 to send a true conservative to the House?

It is long overdue for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to put our safety and security FIRST! But John, you and I both know they won't; that's why true conservatives need to fight to take back the House. Can you help?

Thank you,

Meet Amanda

Amanda Makki
Community Conservative for FL-13

Yvette Herrell for Congress Amanda Makki is an America First candidate for Congress in Florida's 13th District. A legal immigrant, attorney, and conservative national commentator, Amanda is a strong conservative with a proven record of fighting for the values and principles that made America the greatest country in the world! To support Amanda's campaign chip in $5 or more today!

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A KNOWN TERRORIST was given a GPS monitor and set loose into our country!