From Amanda Makki <[email protected]>
Subject Biden's worst crisis to date
Date May 24, 2022 6:04 PM
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Makki for Congress Mothers are worried and they can't find what they need

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John -

Months after mothers across America started worrying about how they would
feed their children, the President of the United States is bragging about
Europeans bailing out his incompetence!

We've all experienced the hardships and shortages throughout the Biden
Administration.From empty grocery stores to a shortage of washers and dryers,
now parents are literally unable to feed their newborns!

Our country is fighting its most significant supply shortage yet- no baby

Biden claims he's addressing the issue, but 70,00 pounds of imported formula
isn't enough to solve this crisis.But with his poor track record in creating
crisis after crisis, I have very little faith that his solution will solve this

I don't believe that Joe Biden and the Democrats have what it takes to fix
this crisis, and our women and children will pay the price!

The crisis caused by Democrats are piling up, and they don't have what it
takes to fix them.True conservative republicans like me need to take back the
House and get to work getting America back on track! John- can you chip in $5
or $10 today to help me take back FL-13 and take back the House?
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Strong conservatives need to take back the House Majority in November, and we
cannot risk sending a RINO to Washington.We need people who will stand up for
conservative values no matter what!

There is no reason why our great nation should be relying on foreign
countries to feed our kids! And when Republicans are back in charge, we won't
have to!Can you help me make sure a Republican takes back FL-13?
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Thank you,

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Amanda Makki
Community Conservative for FL-13

Amanda Makki is an America First candidate for Congress in Florida's 13th
District. A legal immigrant, attorney, and conservative national commentator,
Amanda is a strong conservative with a proven record of fighting for the values
and principles that made America the greatest country in the world!To support
Amanda's campaign chip in $5 or more today!
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Mothers are worried and they can't find what they need
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