Hi John,


IT ALL STARTS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Several generous Sister District DC/VA/MD donors have agreed to DOUBLE all donations made to our candidate, Dan Williams.


That's right! All donations up to $5,000 will be matched, one-to-one, from midnight to midnight. 


Only 6 hours until it begins!

In November 2018, Pastor Dan Williams, a well-known and respected community leader ran for public office for the first time. His victory can be attributed to his commitment to the community. A Chester County resident for over 30 years, Dan treats his neighbors like his family. As a former UPS supervisor and Teamster, Dan knows the important role of unions to ensure a living wage, access to affordable healthcare, and proper protections on the job.


Help Dan Williams build a winning campaign for reelection so he can continue his great work & Dems can take power in Pennsylvania!




We'll be back with a progress report in the morning -- let's unlock those matching dollars!


- Your Sister District DC/VA/MD Leaders

Paid for by Sister District Project, authorized by Dan Williams, (HD 74)