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Subject Grace Meng NY-6
Date May 18, 2022 4:45 PM
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I wanted to be sure you saw my team’s latest email! We’re celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by highlighting a tremendous candidate we think you will really like: my colleague Grace Meng, who represents New York’s 6th Congressional District.
With the rise in hate crimes against Asians in the United States, I can’t help but admire how Grace has used her position of power to help her community by combatting the misinformation that often fuels anti-Asian racism. Just last year, I had the honor of co-sponsoring the Teaching Asian Pacific American History Act, which Grace introduced onto the House floor.
Having women like Grace in office means more than just equal representation – it means that millions of Americans have someone who can speak to their unique cultural experience on the House floor. Did you know that AAPI candidates continue to be the most underrepresented in political leadership roles?
We want to make sure important voices, particularly voices of color, continue to be heard in office. How about you? Join our mission to support Democratic women running for Congress by donating before our budgeting deadline this Thursday.
I even had my team create a link just for you:
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Learn more about Congresswoman Grace Meng below.
- Mary Gay
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May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time for us to spotlight the incredible diversity, cultures, and histories within the AAPI community. The Asian and Pacific Islander population is the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the United States. Yet over the last two years, they have faced an intense spike in hate crimes motivated by racism and misinformation.
Why? Our government is still not reflective of its people. Despite AAPI voters breaking voter turnout records last election season, AAPI leaders hold less than 1% of elected office in all levels of government.
That’s why we’re uplifting candidates we think you should know and support – especially Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander women. We need people in Congress who can speak firsthand about the harms of the model minority myth, address the towering poverty rates among Southeast Asian populations, and make our government reckon with its colonial history that has real and present impact on the AAPI community today.
Join us in tearing down financial and structural barriers for AAPI women running to make change in their communities. Donate now. [[link removed]]
This week we wanted to highlight a truly inspiring candidate from New York’s 6th district – Grace Meng. Learn more about why she ran for office and how you can support her campaign below!
- A Woman’s Place
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About Her District
New York’s 6th district is central to Queens and has a large population of immigrant, low-income and minority families often overlooked and in need of social services to survive.
Rep. Meng continues to advocate for inclusive policies that benefit vulnerable community members, who both Republicans and Democrats often forget or leave out of conversations.
Why She Serves
As a daughter of immigrants and the mom of two young kids, Rep. Meng is running so she can fight for families like hers, with a focus on uplifting the marginalized groups within the diverse district she represents. Whether it is providing access to affordable healthcare, supporting economic growth through small businesses, or increasing access to quality education, Grace Meng is running to serve!
Leadership in Action
Despite the large Asian American population in New York City, particularly in Queens, Rep. Meng was the first Asian American in New York history to represent the state in Congress when she was first elected in 2013. Today, she remains the only Asian American in the New York Congressional delegation and only one of seventeen Asian Americans in Congress.
We admire Congresswoman Grace Meng and her commitment to continue serving her constituents and AAPI families across the country.
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- A Woman's Place
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