Every day we work with strong women who are doing everything they can to advocate for the children in their lives. 
Our annual report last week featured one such mother, Kay Bowen.* She moved to DC to be closer to intensive medical care her four-year-old daughter Deveah needed. Unfortunately, the only housing they could access had severe mold, roach and mice infestations that made Deveah’s respiratory problems worse. 

When Ms. Bowen isn’t taking Deveah out to the park or having a CoCoMelon sing-a-long, she’s partnering with us to push her landlord to fix the leaks and holes exacerbating Deveah’s breathing problems and navigating DC’s rapid rehousing program to keep a roof over Deveah’s head. Our lawyers helped her overturn a wrongful termination of benefits, and they are working together now to find permanent housing. 

The Washington Post Magazine also featured the stories of two other strong moms we’re working with: Holly Williams and Dayshi Green. The story laid bare the challenges that so many families are facing as COVID relief programs that extended housing supports expire.
Both moms are continuing to fight for their kids every day. And we’re making progress: Just last week, we succeeded in getting the Green family’s housing subsidy extended. The landlord is also almost done fixing the housing conditions issues we identified in our court filing!
Ms. Bowen urges other parents in her position to “keep fighting and stay strong” for their kids, and we’ve seen time and again that’s exactly what moms, grandmas, aunts and other women across DC do for their families every day.

This Mother’s Day, help us keep advocating for the birth moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers and neighbors who are all fighting for their kids: donate in honor of a strong woman in your life. With each gift, we will mail or email a personalized card to your loved one, letting her know that you have made a gift to Children's Law Center in her name. You can also donate in memory of a loved one and send the card to someone in their family.  
I know holidays can be difficult, especially with so much recent loss and turmoil. As some of you know, my parents both passed recently. I’m navigating all the emotions and memories that come during days like this. If you’re feeling a similar loss, I hope this Mother’s Day brings you more smiles than tears as you remember those who cared for you, fought for you and loved you dearly. 

Thank you for being with us this Mother’s Day and throughout the year as we work with families across the District to help kids learn, grow and thrive. 

With gratitude,
Judith Sandalow
Executive Director

*Children’s Law Center works hard to protect our clients’ confidentiality. Ms. Bowen's name has been modified based on the client's request. All other details are true.