The DCCC unveiled a billboard today touting the federal gas tax holiday Sharice Davids proposed as the solution to high gas prices. I wanted to be sure you received a copy of our press release even though I’m sure you already know that an $0.18 tax cut will not even dent the high prices the Democrats have caused by outsourcing our energy and recklessly spending trillions of dollars. 
Monday, April 25th, 2022 Anna Mathews (913) 735-3371

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The Democrats’ federal gas tax holiday is political theater designed to distract from the fact that under their one-party rule, inflation has reached a historical high of 8.5%. Kansans are paying almost $4 per gallon at the pump and an extra $5,000 per year on goods and services. One year ago, the average gas price in Kansas was $2.73 per gallon. Today it's $3.77. 

Kansas families want relief, not a publicity stunt. As of March 8, the day Sharice Davids voted against American energy independence, gas prices were up $0.55 from the past week. Removing the $0.18 federal tax still leaves Kansans paying too much at the pump. Sharice doesn’t want to face voters with her record of catastrophic inflation and killing American energy independence, so she’s proposing distractions that leave Kansans mistakenly thinking she’s attempting to solve the crisis. 

In recent weeks, Davids’ gas tax holiday has been disparaged by transportation groups, undermining the infrastructure law she’s been touting. Adkins has previously spoken out against the crippling effects of Biden and Davids’ energy policies, addressing the root cause of the problem and presenting solutions that would save Kansans more than just $2 per week. See her video here:
I am confident Kansans will see through Sharice Davids’s theatrics and vote accordingly. Thank you for your continued support!
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