Whether it is the threat of a landscape-altering 30 inch sea level rise or the increasing intensity of heat waves and superstorms, it is not news that climate change is one of the greatest dangers facing our city.

That’s why Brad Lander has launched a climate dashboard to hold the city accountable to our climate goals.

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The Dashboard will track our collective efforts to drastically reduce our emissions, convert to 100% clean energy, make a just transition to a green economy, and adapt our infrastructure to protect New Yorkers.

It’s a tool to hold our government, businesses, property owners, financial institutions and everyday New Yorkers accountable to working strategically to hit ambitious, but achievable, goals.

Today on Earth Day, share the dashboard with your networks to focus our collective attention on the actions NYC must take now to confront the climate crisis and its risks to our city.

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Here are just some of the key data points the dashboard is tracking:

  • New York City has reduced emissions by 25% since 2005 — we have set a goal to reduce emissions by 80% of those 2005 levels by 2050.
  • As of 2020, 76.6% of energy consumption is fossil-fuel based gas and oil — the City aims to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  • Over 40% of New York City’s buildings have failing energy ratings.

As Comptroller, Brad is charged to take a long-term view to manage and address risks facing the city. The climate crisis threatens New York City’s physical, social, and financial future – and we need all our tools to address it. From financing a just transition, holding companies accountable for climate action, to pushing the City government to go farther, faster to get our city ready, Brad is putting all his tools to work on climate action.

- Team Lander



Brad Lander served in the New York City Council representing District 39 for 12 years—co-founding the Progressive Caucus and leading the way alongside advocates to win policies to support workers, protect tenants, and make government more transparent. Recently elected to citywide office, Brad will use the Office of the Comptroller to hold city government accountable to its promises to New Yorkers and secure a more sustainable futureGive to Brad here.


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