Big news: Big Tech has finally met their match.

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Big news: Big Tech has finally met their match.

Last week, the European Union finalized the Digital Markets Act—showing the world it’s possible to take on Big Tech’s army of lobbyists and win.

The Digital Markets Act will fundamentally overhaul competition rules in digital markets, crack down on the most egregious behavior gatekeepers deploy to entrench their dominance, and clear the way for more innovation and greater consumer choice.

It may seem like complex policy, but these are a few concrete ways the Digital Markets Act will rein in Big Tech and help consumers like you and me:

  • Restricting Big Tech from combining personal data from different services like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps without explicit user consent.

  • Prohibiting companies like Google and Amazon from elevating their own products in search results – known as self-preferencing.

  • Ending Apple and Google’s duopoly on app stores, which has allowed them to fleece small developers and kneecap competitors.

  • Stopping companies like Apple and Google from defaulting users of their devices into all of their own services, requiring choice screens for features like browsers and search engines.

The European Union has shown us that it’s possible to stand up to Big Tech. Now, it’s time for Congress to pass its own historic bipartisan legislation to rein in Big Tech’s abuses of monopoly power—putting an end to their self-preferencing and app store monopolies.

Will you take two minutes to contact your Senators and urge them to support historic bipartisan legislation — the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Open Markets App Act — to rein in Big Tech:


Every email, every call, and every tweet can make a difference here in convincing Congress to take action to rein in Big Tech. If U.S. lawmakers don’t step up and pass bold legislation of our own, the rules of the digital economy will be written without us.

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Nicole Gill
Co-founder & Executive Director
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