Alright, John... Today is our last day to hit our first end of quarter fundraising goal. This is our first end of quarter since opening our new campaign committee, and we need to start off strong.

Brad is funded by grassroots donors. As Comptroller, he’s already had tough conversations with corporations and CEOs, on everything from their investments in climate solutions to how they treat their workers. Brad is fighting for a fairer, more sustainable New York for all of us. That’s why we need grassroots donors to help build a foundation for the progressive fights to come (because Brad won’t be relying on money from bigwigs like real estate developers and fossil fuel executives).

Can we count on you to give $13 before our first end of quarter deadline?


We have a lot of experience in New York politics, and we know change always comes from the ground up. That’s why grassroots fundraising is so exciting — because we can elect leaders who are accountable to us, not to corporate interests. Give to Team Lander today, before our end of quarter deadline, to make sure we have the resources to solve problems at the grassroots level.


-Jenny & Cameron




Brad Lander served in the New York City Council representing District 39 for 12 years—co-founding the Progressive Caucus and leading the way alongside advocates to win policies to support workers, protect tenants, and make government more transparent. Recently elected to citywide office, Brad will use the Office of the Comptroller to hold city government accountable to its promises to New Yorkers and secure a more sustainable futureGive to Brad here.


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