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Brian Sims for State Representative

Hey there, John —

I’m Benjamin, Brian’s campaign manager, and I have some exciting news to share! One of Brian’s incredibly generous donors has offered to match donations up to $35,000.

That means your support before our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline will have double the impact on the digital advertising and voter outreach we need to win this close primary.

Brian’s opponent in this primary is backed by the establishment and special-interest groups, so your matched support today will help Brian close the gap in fundraising, end this quarter strong, and win this primary to transform Pennsylvania’s broken politics.

Double your impact today and donate $10 ($20 impact!) — or what works best for your budget — to help elect Brian as Pennsylvania’s next Lieutenant Governor.

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Brian is the only Democrat in this race with over a decade of experience under his belt fighting through GOP obstruction in Harrisburg to deliver for working families. As the next Lieutenant Governor, he’ll oversee the GOP-held Senate to hold Republicans accountable; he’ll chair the Board of Pardons where he can make our criminal justice system more fair; and he’ll be a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ community in Pennsylvania’s executive office.

Brian is running to fix our broken politics so we can fight climate change and pollution that harms our air and water, make health care affordable and more accessible, and create good-paying jobs. But first, he needs to win this primary race.

Pitch in $10 before this quarter’s fundraising deadline and your support will be matched. Brian’s campaign is powered by grassroots supporters, not special-interests, so we’re counting on you, John.

Thank you and talk soon,


Benjamin Aitoumeziane
Campaign Manager
Sims for PA