Hi John,

We’re one week away from a CRUCIAL fundraising deadline - our first of the year - and we need all hands on deck. 

You already know how important this race is, and now even the Cook Political Report is on board: they just listed our race as a toss-up. Democrats are currently pouring thousands of dollars into our district because they are desperate to hold their majority. Last year, over two-thirds of Sharice Davids’ donations came from outside of Kansas.

Will YOU help us combat the Democrats’ out-of-state money with a donation before our deadline?

We can’t afford two more years of an inflation-wrecked economy, sky-rocketing gas prices, and open borders. We need conservative voices in Washington who can stop Biden and the Democrats. It’s time for new representation in KS-03. 

Make no mistake: our race will decide who has the majority in Congress next year, and we can’t let Democrats go unchecked for 2 more years. 

I wouldn’t be in this fight if it wasn’t for dedicated Patriots like you. Thank you for being on Team Adkins.
Toward Victory,
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