From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date March 4, 2022 4:27 PM
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Dear John,

I wanted to start this week by congratulating Paulette Hamilton on winning
the Erdington byelection and becoming Birmingham’s first Black MP. It is
a brilliant achievement and I’m looking forward to working alongside her
in Parliament. I know that she will do a fantastic job of carrying on Jack
Dromey’s legacy and will work hard for local residents in Erdington.

I would personally like to thank all those who travelled over to Erdington
to support and campaign for Paulette over the last few weeks and months. I
was proud to see so many Labour members and supporters from Edgbaston. Now,
we must turn our focus to the local elections in Birmingham. I know our
excellent local Labour candidates will be hoping for your continued support
and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the doors and in any other
capacity you can help.



Today I was extremely proud to launch my petition with the Birmingham Mail
to call for immediate reform to the way which exempt accommodation is
managed across the UK. In the last year alone, in Birmingham we've seen the
number of exempt properties increase from 6,000-odd to more than 8,000.
Meanwhile it is local communities that are left to face the consequences.

In Edgbaston, working with partners and residents, I was proud to be able
to get an exempt property closed - the first order of its kind in the
country. However, there were no restrictions to the landlord simply opening
another similar property in the neighbouring constituency with exactly the
same problems.

While the Government say that they are listening, we need for them to
really hear us. Birmingham needs urgent reform now. Not in a few years'
time. That is why I have spoken to all MPs across Birmingham, regardless of
political parties, to ask them to support this petition. I am pleased to
say that all ten MPs are committed to backing this petition for the good of
our city and its residents.

The petition calls for:

1) We want emergency measures introduced swiftly that mean our city can
STOP any more exempt properties opening where too many already exist
2) We want a BAN on more individuals being housed in Birmingham
‘exempt’ properties who have no clear links to the area, except in
crisis situations where they are fleeing danger.
3) We want our local councils to get more powers to CLAMP DOWN on badly
run, unsafe accommodation
4) We also want more FUNDING for local authorities to inspect all exempt
properties and enhanced housing benefit applications and shut down any that
fail to meet quality standards.
5) We want local politicians to have the power to REJECT new exempt housing
benefit claims in oversaturated streets and neighbourhoods.
6) And we want a clear, statutory DEFINITION of what 'care, support and
supervision' must look like in exempt accommodation.




Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is an abomination. I and
the Labour Party stand united with the government and our NATO and European
allies in condemnation of this heinous violation of international law.

The reports in recent days of attacks on the Ukrainian people and civilian
infrastructure, including schools and orphanages, has been appalling. The
indiscriminate attacks on urban centres especially have already claimed the
lives of more than 140 civilians, and many more have been injured. The real
death toll is likely to be far higher.

Reports now show that at least 160,000 Ukrainians have been internally
displaced, and over 650,000 people have crossed the border from Ukraine
into neighbouring European countries. Millions more could flee in the
coming days, and those who remain are coming under increasing danger from
the escalating Russian military violence.

Families have been separated; thousands of homes destroyed; and hundreds of
thousands are cut off from water, food, healthcare and other basic
services. Time is of the essence to get support on the ground as the
violence gets worse. We must work quickly to support the people of Ukraine
in their hour of need.

Many constituents have asked what we can do locally. I’m proud to be
working with Harborne and Quinton Labour Party. We will be collecting
donations of blankets, warm clothes, medical equipment and hygiene packs
that can be dropped off at:

Harborne: Saturdays 11am to 1pm on Harborne High Street at our stall
outside the Post Office.
Quinton: Fridays 3-6.30pm at Quinborne Community Centre, Ridgacre Road, B32



This week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with pupils at George
Dixon Academy in North Edgbaston. After Year 9 students wrote to me, asking
me to visit, it was fantastic to meet them and talk about their ambitions
for the future.

During my visit we spoke about the opportunities available for young
people, my journey into politics and the role of an MP. It was great to be
able to answer such insightful questions and see so many students engaged
and interested in politics. I look forward to watching their bright

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