Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last night. The world must unite to stop Putin not only to protect the Ukrainian people, but to preserve and advance the economic and national security interests of the United States and our strategic partners in Europe.
Once again the Biden Administration has shown weakness in the midst of difficulty. Economic sanctions against Russia should have moved faster and need to be massive and targeted impacting their ability to modernize and advance.
America also needs to make a turn and protect the interests of our people. The cost of goods and services, including energy, is crippling individuals, families, and businesses in the third Congressional district. The United States currently imports a significant amount of oil from Russia. The Biden Administration must change their trajectory and end our reliance on Russian oil. We need domestic energy production and lower prices at the pump.
The world, including China, is watching to see how we will respond. The United States is a great nation that needs serious leadership committed to real solutions. 
Please join me in praying that our leaders make decisions that will protect American interests, preserve lives, and bring peace quickly. 
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