From Alvin Williams <[email protected]>
Subject Herschel Walker has got Democrats shaking in their boots!
Date February 22, 2022 10:50 PM
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<[link removed]> <[link removed]>John,

Football legend and black conservative Herschel Walker has got the Democrats shaking in their boots!

It’s only a matter of time before he crosses the end zone on Election Day and robs the Democrats of their one-seat majority in the Senate!

And no one’s more scared than his opponent, Raphael Warnock...

Warnock won his seat by the skin of his teeth against an unpopular Republican in 2020. So just think about the shellacking he’s going to get from one of Georgia’s most famous athletes!

Herschel isn’t afraid of anybody. Especially Raphael Warnock:

“They want to talk about Senator Warnock and whatever he did to get into office. But now, he’s going to have to face me... and it’s not going to be as easy as he thought it was going to be.”

Herschel’s confidence, name recognition, and conservative bonafides will help propel him to victory. In fact, polls already show him pulling ahead of Warnock:

<[link removed]>But he needs you, John, in his corner to get him over the finish line.

I know you want to see Herschel flip control of the Senate from the Democrats to the Republicans.

Herschel’s candidacy couldn’t have come at a better time.

In just one year, Joe Biden and the Democrats have managed to tear our country apart in more ways than anyone thought possible.

<[link removed]>If you want to know how Joe and the Dems are doing, here you go:

- They’ve turned our cops into bad guys, defunding police departments, which has led to thousands of officers resigning or taking early retirement while crime rises to all-time highs.

- They’ve embarrassed us on the world stage with their botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that has our adversaries laughing at us.

- They’ve driven inflation through the roof, making it harder for you to buy groceries or fill up your car.

- And they’re forcing Critical Race Theory down our children’s throats, teaching them that America is an inherently evil, racist country and that we should be ashamed of it.

Well I for one am NOT ashamed of America!

And neither is Herschel!

<[link removed]>The Democrats know they’re becoming more unpopular with voters, which is why they’re doubling down on the big fat lie that all Republicans are racist.

You and I both know that’s not true, but black voters only hear the liberal side of the story that says only government can create prosperity.

They NEVER hear the truth about conservatism.

And the Democrats have worked very hard to keep them from hearing it. It’s the only way they know to keep blacks voting for Democrats.

Its why, for instance, they call men like Sheriff David Clarke a "traitor to his race."

It’s why they're hell-bent on defeating Sen. Tim Scott - a GOP rising star who’s known for championing personal responsibility.

And that's why they attack Dr. Ben Carson with articles titled "F*ck Ben Carson" and call him hateful names like "Uncle Tom."

And now their NEW TARGET is Herschel Walker.

The Democrats know that we only have to convince 12% of black voters that Republicans are NOT racists to prevent them from winning another election.

This is why they’re busy pumping millions of dollars into this campaign.

Big Tech billionaires and Hollywood elites are going to bankroll Raphael Warnock’s campaign like they have for Democrats all around the country.

And while they fund his campaign of lies, the lamestream media lapdogs at “CNNLOL” and “MSDNC” will suppress any stories that paint him in a bad light while scrutinizing every moment of Herschel’s life to try and make him look bad.

But after several years of lying about the Russian collusion hoax or gushing over actor Jussie Smollett’s fake attack on himself by “Trump supporters...”

Just as Herschel ran over his opponents on the football field, he’s going to plow through the Democrats in 2022!

<[link removed]>“People on the opposing team didn’t like it when I ran over them. But that’s how you get the job done.”

-Herschel Walker

Herschel is the right man to be running for the Senate from Georgia. Just read what Herschel has said about some of the issues facing our country:


First off, I want to say that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior... if I don’t acknowledge Him, He won’t acknowledge me.

Democrat Race-Baiting

Democrats label anything they disagree with as racist. Georgia’s voting law does NOT prevent black people from voting like Senator Warnock says it does. This is not about voter suppression, it is about President Biden and the federal government wanting more power.

Democrat Failures for Black America:

You all have been in office for years and have done nothing for African Americans. Every four years you do this for a vote. And the violence and death in our communities, yet you say nothing?

Supporting Our Police:

We need BOLD leaders in Washington who stand up and support our members of law enforcement. This isn’t a matter of Republican vs. Democrat, or white vs. black. This is a matter of doing what’s RIGHT for this country.

Supporting Small Business:

I’d rather go down standing up trying to save my company, than be on my knees begging the government for a handout.

When black Americans see Herschel Walker in the U.S. Senate, they’ll leave the Democrat plantation and deprive the left of the support they need to stay in power and cripple the Democrat Party for generations.

That’s why I expect them to fight dirtier than ever. There’s no lie they won’t tell, no trick they won’t pull to enslave the minds of black Americans and keep their hands on the levers of power.

This is why I need to know if Black America’s PAC Action Fund can count on your support to help cultivate the next generation of black conservative leaders like Herschel Walker. <[link removed]>

We were early supporters of Tim Scott and helped him become the first black Senator elected to the U.S. Senate in the South since Reconstruction.

Our support helped Mia Love become the first black female Republican ever elected to U.S. Congress, then helped Burgess Owens retake Mia’s House seat from Democrats after they poured millions into defeating her.

<[link removed]>In fact, if you see a black conservative serving in office or speaking out against the Liberal LIES on the state or national level – you can trust that we’re there providing them the invaluable support they need every step of the way.

And right now, we’re on the front lines fighting to save our conservative values by exposing the Liberal Lies, reclaiming black voters from the Democrat Party, and helping them learn about solid conservatives like Herschel Walker.

So can I count on you to join the fight with an URGENT donation of 20.22 today? Or perhaps you understand the importance of taking the fight to the Democrats and want to contribute more? <[link removed]>

A generous gift of $40, $75, $150, $500, $1,000 or more can help broadcast our message to expose the Liberal LIES, speak the truth, and spread conservativism to the black Community, where it’s needed most. <[link removed]>

I can tell you from personal experience - once the message of conservatism reaches black voters, it spreads like wildfire and obliterates the liberal lies that keep them voting for Democrats.

Remember, even a small increase in black voting Republican could CRIPPLE the Democrat Party for many years to come...

So please, John, say you’ll join me in fighting back against the liberal lies and reclaim black voters with your generous donation of $40, $75, $150, $500, $1,000 or more TODAY! <[link removed]>

Even if all you can send is $5 it will make a BIG difference. <[link removed]>

Together, you and I can destroy the Liberal LIES, reclaim black voters, and cripple the Democrat Party, but only with your immediate action today.

<[link removed]>For America,

Alvin Williams

President & CEO


DONATE <[link removed]>Black conservative and football legend Herschel Walker needs your support to defeat Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate election. Herschel’s victory will put control of the Senate back into Republican hands!

Help Black America’s PAC Action Fund defeat the liberal lies and propel Herschel to victory and with your generous gift of $20.22, $40, $75, $150, $500, $1,000 or more TODAY! <[link removed]>

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