From Christen O'Hare <[email protected]>
Subject A Note About My Husband, Tim O'Hare
Date February 20, 2022 9:55 PM
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Friends, I met Tim O’Hare on February 23, 2008 at the Denton County Republican Party Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner. Since I was 30 years old when I met Tim, I had a pretty decent list of qualifications and things I “must have” in a husband. What I knew I wanted the most was a man with courage and what I can only describe as “heart.” My own prayers and the prayers of many friends and family members were answered that night. I met a man with a heart for God, his family, and his country that is unmatched in anyone else I’ve ever known. Tim is an incredible father. Our four girls know without a shadow of a doubt how special they are to him. He guides, teaches, and protects each of them. Every day, when he drops them off at school, he tells them to “Honor God, work hard, and be nice to everybody.” Then he tells them he loves them. When situations come up that seem overwhelming to me, Tim has a plan of action and goes to work to overcome the most insurmountable problems. He never sees the work, the opposition, or the criticism he receives as reasons to quit. Once he commits to doing the right thing, and it’s always the right thing, he will see it through to the finish. Tim O’Hare never gives up. In our current social climate, it is easy to feel that the forces trying to destroy our God-given identities, our families, our churches, schools, businesses, our American way of life, are looming large and undefeatable. Whether it is taking a stand against lawlessness, or corrupt politicians, or liberal indoctrination in our schools, I live under the same roof with a man who is not afraid to do the right thing, no matter what the personal cost may be to his reputation or the hours of work it may require of him. Tim is honest to a fault. He will not say something he doesn’t know to be true. If he tells you he’s going to do something, he will do it, and do it faster than anyone else I know. Not only does Tim know how to take a stand, he knows how to bring others along with him. He is a born leader. People respond to his call to stand up and fight against the liberal onslaught. So many are looking for a leader who is not afraid, who knows what to do, and knows how to bring people together and lead them to victory. Many can use rhetoric or divisiveness to stir the pot. Tim reaches into hearts, gives hope for change, and leads to action. It’s an incredible sight to see. I am so bothered that someone who is addicted to power and importance would attack my husband. When you run for public office, you must stand by your record. Tim has a clear and solid record of conservative stands and victories. His opponent’s record is also clear: When you headline an event that raises money for Planned Parenthood and publicly promote it, Republican voters deserve to know. When you support the Biden infrastructure plan, Republican voters deserve to know. When you march and chant with Black Lives Matter protestors, Republican voters deserve to know. When you advocate for more gun control, Republican voters deserve to know. When you shut down churches and businesses, institute mask mandates, and push back at the Governor’s order to open back up, Republican voters deserve to know. When you support transgender bathrooms in public schools and give a Pride proclamation to an organization that helps minors transition to another gender, Republican voters deserve to know. When you say the City of Fort Worth is systemically racist and open a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department to change all city policies, Republican voters deserve to know. Tarrant County, the lines are drawn. One candidate is clearly a liberal leaning moderate, at best. Her only defense against her own record is to say that Tim is lying. He’s not. He has not put out a single unverified fact. The other candidate is my husband, Tim O’Hare, a proven, conservative fighter. I’m so proud of him, I can’t even begin to say. I’m just so thankful I met him 14 years ago, and boy, did I ever get my wish for a man with heart! Christen O'Hare Early Voting runs through February 25th. Election Day is March 1st. Early Voting Locations Get Connected ‌ ‌ ‌ Pol. Adv. Paid for by Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge Campaign. Vince Puente, Treasurer. P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Tim O'Hare Campaign | P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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