Dear John,

Fake news CNN is in a shambles!

Sex scandals, forced resignations, sexual assault accusations...and worse have rocked the liberal network.

It's no wonder more people get their news from Joe Rogan than Brian Stelter.

And yet CNN continues its attacks on America First, pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, Conservative, Republicans!

Attacks they hope will shut us up-or shut us down.

But I won't be silenced by the sexual predators at CNN, the Big Tech Titans at Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, or the jackbooted thugs at Biden's alphabet government agencies.

And I'm betting you won't either!


My friend, I won't back down from a fight!

And I believe if we stand together and fight back against the leftist censors and government thugs trying to silence us, we will win!

You see it more and more every day.

The leftist narrative is starting to unravel.

CNN is falling apart, Joe Biden is incapable of running the country, Black Lives Matter's leaders have cashed in and used donor's money to buy their retirement mansions, and 2022 is shaping up to be a Democrat's worst nightmare.

But to really make a difference you and I can't just elect a bunch of go-along-to-get-along Republicans to congress.

You know the kind I mean.

The ones that wont fight, that won't stand for something so fall for anything.

We must elect America First conservatives who will fight to take back our nation. To Restore our Republic.

And that is exactly the kind of Congressman I will be.

A Representative who will proudly stand with the America First Republicans to take back our great nation.

A fighter who will fight every single day to restore our nation to the Constitutional Republic our Founders envisioned and created.

But I must have your support to get there!


And I'm not sure America can survive another 2 years of their brand of socialism.

But just as important, you and I can't survive another Republican-led congress that does nothing to fight back and repeal Democrat legislation...

...we can't afford more Liz Cheney-style RINOs that just want to continue the Democrat's socialist power grab, but with a slower Republican pace.

And we certainly can't afford a congress led by politicians who care one bit what CNN thinks—about anything!

So please, join my campaign for congress today by chipping in your most generous contribution right away.

You and I need fighters in Washington, D.C. more than ever.

Saving America and stopping socialism starts by electing a solid America First majority to congress in 2022.

That's why I'm asking for you to support me in my campaign for Congress by chipping in $20.22, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,900, or whatever you can afford today.

The future of our great nation is too important to leave in the hands of RINOs and radical Democrats.

I hope you'll join with me today.



Bo Hines

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