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Subject Ron Johnson: Lies and Disinformation
Date January 11, 2022 12:31 AM
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From his nonsense about climate change being caused by "sunspots" to his
suggestion that women who can't afford contraception can simply "Google"
birth control, Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has a history of being
a little loose with the facts.

But Ron Johnson has shown over his years in office that he isn’t just
deceitful, he’s dangerous.

Ron Johnson has been responsible for spreading harmful misinformation
about the pandemic, speaking publicly in opposition to the life-saving
vaccine and voting more than once to block vital COVID relief funds from
being released to Wisconsin residents grappling with the adverse effects
of a global pandemic.

And all the while he’s been enriching himself and his wealthy donors, at
the expense of Wisconsin families.

Make no mistake: the research and communication [ [link removed] ]effort that will be
needed to fight back against Ron Johnson's lies and disinformation is NOT
going to be cheap and easy.

We're going to continue to hold Ron Johnson accountable for his lies and
disinformation, but we can't do it without your support.

[ [link removed] ]Make a donation to support our work to hold Ron Johnson
accountable! Pitch in just $10 right now and help us keep up the fight!

Thanks for all you do.
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