From Greg Stumbo <[email protected]>
Subject Time is up for corruption in Kentucky
Date November 5, 2019 12:01 AM
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Election day is tomorrow, John. You know what that means?

Time's up for corruption.

As Purdue Pharma profited from the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of Kentuckians, too many of our leaders looked the other way - or, worse, they didn't look away. They just watched.

We'll be knocking on doors and canvassing communities until the polls close tomorrow. Chip in now to get us over the line!
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I'm not looking the other way. On Day One, I'm going to reopen the lawsuit against the corporate criminals who got rich off our families' misery. And I won't let up until we bring every last one to justice.

And it all depends on supporters like you, John. Are you with me? Chip in now!
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It's an honor to have the support of Kentucky's only female governor Martha Layne Collins, and the unions that represent millions across our Commonwealth. But above all, it's an honor to fight by your side. And tomorrow, it'll be an honor to win together.


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