From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date November 26, 2021 4:41 PM
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Dear John,

This week the NHS, health and social care were at the forefront of the
agenda in Parliament. The Health and Care Bill represents a rushed,
top-down reorganisation of our NHS. It will fail to integrate health and
social care, erode local accountability, and give powers to the Health
Secretary to hand major contracts to the private sector without scrutiny.
Along with my Labour colleagues, I voted against the Bill at third reading.

This is a moment of great pressure on the NHS. So far, we have seen this
Government lead us to record waiting lists, missed A&E and cancer care
targets, 100,000 staff shortages even before Covid and 4,000 fewer GPs than
the last Labour Government. Yet, there is nothing in the Bill to address
the greatest challenges facing the NHS or wider reform of adult social care
and workforce pressures.

I strongly believe the Government’s focus must instead be on ensuring
that services are appropriately staffed and have the resources they need,
addressing the crisis in social care, and giving the NHS workforce the pay
rise they deserve.

The NHS is our greatest institution. I am committed to upholding its
founding principles as a comprehensive, integrated, and public NHS that is
there for all of us when we need it. I will continue to resist any plans to
allow further privatisation with no oversight.

I also voted against the amendment to cap care costs. In Boris Johnson’s
manifesto, he promised that no one would be forced to sell their house to
pay for care. What we saw this week was another example of the Prime
Minister going back on his word.

Under the Government’s new plan, if you live in an affordable area, if
you're unlucky enough to have care needs in old age, you could lose
everything. If you live in a wealthy area, the majority of your assets will
be protected. This is the Tory plan for Levelling Down social care.


I visited Quinton’s Hagley Road Co-Op to speak to shop workers. We owe so
much to all keyworkers who worked so hard during the pandemic and beyond to
keep us safe and healthy. They’ve kept our shops open, our shelves
stocked, and vital food and supplies available to us all. Shopworkers were
those who were on the frontline and deserve our respect however, levels of
violence, abuse and anti-social behaviour affecting all retailers have

New statistics show that in the last 12 months 89% of shopworkers had
experienced verbal abuse and, 64% had been threatened by a customer. Too
often this behaviour occurs around the enforcement of statutory age
restrictions, such as asking people for identification when buying alcohol.

It’s absolutely vital that retail workers enforce the laws that we in
Parliament set for them. However, we also must ensure that they have the
proper protection they need to do so. I will continue to fight on their
behalf for greater protection for those working in retail.


Last week I updated you on how I met with Police, the University of
Birmingham and city centre nightclubs to discuss how we better protect
people from drink and injection spiking. This week, I continued this work,
writing to all of the bars and pubs across our constituency commending them
on actions they've already taken to keep people safe.

Many have incorporated the Ask for Angela training into their
establishments which allows individuals to approach bar staff discretely if
they are feeling unsafe. I also urged all those who haven’t yet taken
this positive step, to work with our local Police teams to ensure this
measure is consistent throughout the constituency.

However, given that just yesterday we marked international day for the
elimination of violence against women, we must continue our efforts to
ensure that more is done, right across the board in keeping women safe. At
least 126 UK women have been killed by men so far 2021. This is a huge
issue globally as we begin 16 days of action, and I am committed to
supporting all women in the fight to end violence against women and girls.


On Wednesday I attended a Parliamentary reception for Birmingham at the
House of Commons. It was great to join parliamentary colleagues who
represent Birmingham including Jack Dromey MP as well as Birmingham City
Council Leader, Cllr Ian Ward, who shared his vision for Levelling Up
Birmingham. His ambition is to make our city a place where all residents
share the benefits of sustainable economic growth, and jobs.

I am also thrilled to be announced as the new Co -Chair for All Party
Parliamentary Group for Birmingham alongside Andrew Mitchell MP. We must
work together on a cross-party basis to unlock our city’s vast potential
and secure a bright future for Birmingham.


Yesterday I met with the Churches for Climate Action at St Boniface Church
in Quinton, who represent more than eight different faiths. We had a
productive conversation about how churches and communities can come
together to tackle issues presented by climate change.

We spoke about how the government missed an opportunity at COP26. Due to
their hypocrisy it was near impossible for Alok Sharma to have a credible
presidency and lead the way given only weeks before the Summit, the
government had been involved in the Cambo oil field development.

While it will sadly be the countries who have contributed to climate change
the least who will suffer the most, we are not exempt from the crisis. We
have already seen changes in the UK which have been as a result of climate
change, more extreme weather and changes in insects, such as more
mosquitos. We must protect the future for our children.

This means protecting and encouraging the use of green spaces. Working with
partners like the council and private business to identify where buildings
are needed and where, instead, we could see more community gardens and
spaces being brought forwards.

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