From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date November 19, 2021 3:57 PM
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Dear John,

This week we have seen the Government once again abandon its promises. The
Prime Minister, Chancellor, Transport Secretary and other ministers have
pledged countless times that both HS2 and the Northern Powerhouse Rail
would be delivered in full, and voters put their trust in Boris Johnson on
a promise to level the playing field. Now, we have seen that they have gone
back on their word.

HS2 is about more than just high-speed rail. For people in Birmingham, it's
about jobs, opportunities and wider economic investment that projects like
HS2 bring to places that have been economically hardest hit by the pandemic
and left behind by Government. It’s also about the value it brings by
better connecting the Midlands to the North.

That’s why this announcement is so disappointing. There’s no point in
just fixing small bits of the railway. The economic connection across the
country is going to be far better than just a bit here and there which will
cost so much more.

The fact that this Government has been talking about levelling up is
insulting. What Boris Johnson is doing to the West Midlands is levelling
down. What he’s doing to the North is levelling down and he's not going
to deliver on the promises that he made in the last election.


This week I was thrilled to hear of the news that King Edwards School
Edgbaston and the University of Birmingham, both located in Edgbaston
constituency, will be used as two of the Games Time Training Venues for the
Commonwealth Games.

Our constituency has some world-class facilities and to see that they will
now be receiving global recognition is brilliant.

The University of Birmingham has already been announced as one of the three
athlete villages, as well as hosting hockey and squash events. Now, it has
also been selected as a Games Time Training Venue for athletics,
para-athletics, swimming, using the athletics track, throwing fields and
50m pool.

King Edwards School Edgbaston will also be a Games Time Training Venue for
athletics and para-athletics as well as rhythmic gymnastics, using their
athletics track, throwing fields and sports hall.

I am also looking forward to seeing the impact and influence this could
have on the students at both institutions. Having athletes of this calibre
training at both venues will be a source of real inspiration and I hope to
see some of our local pupils go on and utilise this experience, to maybe
one day, be competing themselves at a future Commonwealth Games.

Our constituency will also host part of the Birmingham marathon route which
was recently announced alongside Edgbaston Cricket Ground which will host
women’s T20 cricket come Games time.

I hope that you, like me, are looking forward to welcoming the Games to our
city and will be cheering on our athletes next year at one of these local


This week saw a debate in Parliament on crime in the West Midlands. It is
my view that over the last 11 years, we have seen the number of police in
West Midlands cut by 2,221 officers, to the point where crime has now
reached levels that our hardworking Police are being forced to triage their
responses. Burglary, anti-social behaviour and car theft, among other
criminal activity, is all too commonplace right across the constituency.

The Government’s response to this has been woefully lacking and it is our
local communities that are now feeling the impact of these cuts. Current
Government plans will see the West Midlands having to wait until 2023 to
get 1,200 more officers on streets. However, this will mean that by 2023,
we will still have 1,000 fewer officers on our streets than we did in 2010.
The consequence of this and the wider cuts to public services, including
youth services is that of course we will see crime continue to rise.

Speaking to residents, you’ve told me that you want to see more police on
our streets, walking down our roads and high streets, engaging with the
community rather than driving around in cars as officers are currently
forced to do.

Knowing this, it is exactly why I support our Police and Crime
Commissioner’s plan to bring 450 community officers back to our streets.
I also support Simon Foster’s call for fair funding for West Midlands
Police which to date has been utterly short-changed.


The issue of drink spiking, and even more concerningly with injection
spiking, has been a worrying subject for many young people across the
constituency and I have had many people write to me detailing their

This is an issue that worries me as well which is why on Thursday I hosted
a roundtable with representatives from the Police, Westside BID, city
centre nightclubs, the city council, the University of Birmingham and its
Guild of Students, to discuss the actions being already taken and more that
can be done.

I was extremely encouraged to hear about the positive steps being taken to
address this issue. It was particularly encouraging to hear how nightclubs
are using their own money to look into solutions including additional
security checks, staff training with West Midlands Police, improved welfare
offering, providing drink covers and spiking test kits.

Those attending the roundtable agreed on actions that needed to be taken to
continue this forward momentum. However, we can all take simple steps to
ensure our own safety including being more cautious in the amount of
alcohol we consume on a night out. There are also free apps we should all
consider using like Hollie Guard that can help us to keep safe.

I look forward to continuing this work and will update you as more is done
to improve safety for residents across the city.


I would like to wish Sikhs in the UK and around the world celebrating the
birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji a very happy Gurpurab.

Guru Nanak's message of selflessness, coming together for good and standing
against injustice remains so relevant today. 550 years ago, Guru Nanak Dev
Ji was revolutionary when he advocated that women should have equal status
to men.

It is this message of equality that is a reminder that we must never give
up our fight. We need social movements to bring about change. The Indian
farmers victory today should inspire us all.

May you always find Guru Nanak Dev ji by your side guiding you through the
challenges of life.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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