From Aaron Seyedian <[email protected]>
Subject Main Street Against Big Tech
Date October 22, 2021 12:59 PM
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Hi there --

My name is Aaron Seyedian. I’m a small business owner in Takoma Park, Maryland.

I launched my company, Well-Paid Maids [[link removed]] , to provide a service to our customers while also providing our employees with the compensation, security, and dignity they deserve in an otherwise oftentimes low-pay industry.

Today, I’m proud to join Accountable Tech’s new campaign Main Street Against Big Tech [[link removed]] because I have a few things to say about Big Tech monopolies:

As a small business owner, I’ve run ads on Facebook and Google because I didn’t feel like I had a choice. Let me tell you that the whole process was complicated, confusing, and opaque. I didn’t get transparency, clarity, or results around if and how my ads were reaching users. For all I know, my ads could have been hitting bots or trolls online. This all despite Facebook and Google saying that their tools are a lifeline for small business owners like myself.

For too long, Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have used small business owners as a shield against reform and accountability. But the truth is that Big Tech abuses its gatekeeper status and exploits small business every step of the way.

Reining in Big Tech would help small business owners like myself. That’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of this new campaign to empower small business owners themselves to share their lived experiences to tell the truth about Big Tech’s relationship with small business.

Share our campaign launch video and stay tuned for more stories from small business owners like myself in the coming weeks in the lead up to Small Business Saturday after Thanksgiving. [[link removed]]

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We cannot afford to let Big Tech monopolies get away with holding up small business owners in some feeble attempt to avoid scrutiny and accountability.

I care about my employees. I care about my community. I care about fair competition. We cannot let Big Tech off the hook here.

Thanks for being with us,


Aaron Seyedian
Small Business Owner
Owner of Well-Paid Maids

We recognize the irony of urging you to take action on the dominant social media platforms we’re fighting to hold accountable, but they are… well… dominant. We must reach people where they are in order to level the playing field.


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