From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date August 27, 2021 2:27 PM
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Dear John,

Over the past week I have been supporting residents throughout the
constituency who have reached out on behalf of relatives and colleagues in
immediate danger in Afghanistan. The situation is desperate, and I and my
team have been working around the clock to process cases for more than 250
people trying to flee the country.

I have been working directly with government ministers to share
information, identify gaps in the on the ground response, and process cases
to help get people on planes and out of the country. I have also been
talking to UN officials and INGOs with intel to assist with our response.

I commend the work of the brave and dedicated soldiers and airmen,
diplomats and embassy staff on the ground who have been working to get
people to safety. They have worked in impossible circumstances but done
incredible work against the odds.

Sadly, we knew that this operation was a race against the clock. Following
the tragic terror attacks yesterday, the Kabul airport gates have now
closed, meaning that many people who should have been evacuated will be
left behind.

My heart breaks for the remaining Brits and Afghans whose lives are at
risk, as well as their families who have too often been left in the dark on
their cases and are desperate for news.

The UK must not turn its back on Afghanistan now. The Government must work
quickly to deliver a strategy to get those remaining people out of the
country and work with the UN and partners to quickly deliver essential aid
directly to those in need. We will then need to confront the new reality
and challenges of Taliban control.

We are facing a growing humanitarian crisis. Even before the Taliban took
control, 18.4 million Afghans relied on humanitarian aid to support them
with healthcare, education, clean water, and employment. Afghanistan was,
and remains, one of the poorest countries in the world.

As Shadow International Development Secretary, one of my priorities will be
to guarantee continued humanitarian access into the country so that food
and medical supplies can be delivered to those requiring lifesaving
assistance, and support the continuation of safe land border crossings into
neighbouring countries for those trying to flee.

Our work does not stop. If you are a resident and have family who are in
need of support, please contact me using the form linked below or email me
at [email protected].




I have an exciting opportunity for a constituency assistant in my brilliant
team in Edgbaston. If you or someone you know is interested in helping in
the community, has a good understanding of local issues and are great at
building relationships, then please take a look at the role. It is a
full-time position, with a closing date of 31st August.




This week the Joseph Rowntree Foundation released a report which evidenced
how 1 in 3 families will be hit by the Government’s plan to end the £20
uplift to Universal Credit.

Across Birmingham, the Government’s £1,000 a year cut will be a blow to
146,880 families, hitting the lowest paid hardest and hurting our economic

The Government originally announced a £20 increase in Universal Credit at
the onset of the coronavirus crisis. The fact this step had to be taken at
all exposes how our social security system isn't fit for purpose.

For families who have spent the past year worried for their jobs and their
financial security, £20 a week is the difference between food in the
fridge and money on the meter. Across Edgbaston constituency, those
claiming Universal Credit has risen by 66% in the last year. Nearly 40% of
UC claimants are in work.

There is near universal opposition to this move, including from prominent
Conservatives. It is time the Government saw sense, backed struggling
families and cancelled their cut to Universal Credit.



This week I visited Teamworks Karting’s Summer Spectacular programme, who
have hosted more than 3,500 children in care over the summer holidays. This
is part of Birmingham Children’s Trust and Birmingham City Council’s
Holiday Activity and Food Programme enrichment scheme.

Under the programme, the venue has been working to lead a daily rota of
events for children, young people, parents and carers to take part in
during the summer holidays.

It was fantastic to meet both the staff and children who were in attendance
and see the difference being made. The happiness and excitement was plain
to see on their faces.

Given the last 18 months of lockdowns and isolation, we need greater
engagement with young people and programmes that build back their
confidence and relationship skills. For some young people who might have
been excluded from school and need more support, projects like these can
make a huge difference.

I hope Teamworks Karting and the Children’s Trust keep up the great work.


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