From Chuck Gray <[email protected]>
Subject Poll shows us beating all others against Liz Cheney
Date August 11, 2021 1:44 PM
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Thanks to you and thousands more like us, I’m the #1 polling Republican against Liz Cheney.

In fact, on a head to head ballot, I trounce Cheney by 38 points, 62% to 24%.

That’s according to McLaughlin & Associates, a top D.C. polling firm that has also polled for President Trump to advance our shared America First agenda.
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I also poll the best in a three-way race. We poll at 25% with Cheney at 23% and Smith at 14%. And we are the best polling challenger in a multi-candidate race.

This poll shows clearly that our campaign has the momentum and is the best chance to defeat Liz Cheney.

Because Liz Cheney’s poll numbers are so bad, the only way she can win re-election and continue to bash Trump’s legacy, is if she keeps getting several challengers who will split the hard 75% anti-cheney vote in Wyoming.

That’s why I’m writing to update you and ask for your immediate help ([link removed]) to not only stay ahead in the polls but to keep building on my lead over all the other challengers.
HELP ME SEND LIZ PACKING ([link removed])

If we can keep running my state-wide TV and radio commercials, online ads, and mail programs, the polls show that this race will come down to just the two of us, me vs Liz, and that’s where she loses big and our America First values win.

Your immediate financial help today will keep our successful campaign growing and greatly encourage others to also support us.

Just like we’ve done already, we must encourage real conservatives to rally around one challenger or else Liz gets re-elected and it will be our own fault.

So please chip in $25 ([link removed]) or $100 ([link removed]) by going to

We must never forget Liz’s corrupt vote for impeachment or her fist bump with the gloating Joe Biden.

Liz does not, and has never, represented Wyoming Values. She’s a fraud.

She just parachuted in from Virginia with her dad’s war chest and name I.D. to buy herself a Congressional seat.

But now that she’s being exposed for who she really is, Liz Cheney isn’t backing down one bit.

She is shamelessly attempting to counter attack people like you and me who know the Big Steal is real and who won’t be intimidated by her contrived pro-DNC talkpoints.

The good news about our poll now means all of America will be looking to our Republican Primary race against Liz, and why I need your help right away. ([link removed])

Will you please donate even a few bucks ([link removed]) to our campaign to make sure Liz Cheney and her corrupt cronies never hold office again?
$250 ([link removed])
$150 ([link removed])
$100 ([link removed])
$50 ([link removed])
$25 ([link removed])

To give Wyoming and the rest of America a rock-solid, proven conservative fighter like me in Congress, I’m asking you to please help me beat Cheney by chipping in right away.

Thanks to great Americans like you, we are closing the $2.5 million gap on Liz and have the best chance to take her out of office for good in 2022.

Others are catching on like Congressman Paul Gosar and national conservative strategist Dick Morris who are endorsing my camapign against Wyoming’s anti-Trump incumbent, Liz Cheney.

Those who are following our historic race closely realize that I’m the most likely to beat Cheney in 2022 because I’m the only conservative in this race who has the proven record to show that I’ll fight tooth and nail to defeat the very same radical, socialist-Democrats in Washington, D.C. that Liz has voted with.

I’m asking for your financial sacrifice today, not for me but for the values and much-needed type of aggressive and effective leadership that America needs right now.

Will you please chip in ([link removed]) , say 100 bucks, today to help me fight for you and our shared conservative values in Congress?

As Dick Morris said, I WILL beat Liz Cheney in our primary, but I can’t do it on my own.

I need friends like you, and your friends and family if possible, to chip in to make sure we can get our message of aggressive and effective conservative reform leadership to the voters.

Thanks for your help and God bless your best efforts to save our great nation.


Chuck Gray

P.S.: With the polls showing me trouncing Liz Cheney one on one and beating all other challengers too, we must continue to consolidate support to pull off this victory.

Please help our campaign today with your most generous donation possible to ensure we can stay ahead and send Liz packing.

Please go HERE to donate today. ([link removed])

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