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Date June 21, 2021 11:36 AM
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Many of you would have been looking forward to today for the lifting of
remaining lockdown restrictions. Instead, it's been necessary to delay the
last stage of the roadmap by four weeks - a situation entirely of the
Government's making because of its complacency and incompetence in letting
the highly transmissible Delta variant take root and spread in the UK. I
know this is both hugely disappointing and extremely damaging to many
businesses in Brighton and Hove which were relying on being able to open
today after an incredibly difficult 15 months.

It is now essential that those businesses which are losing out are properly
supported, and the winding down of schemes like the business rates holiday
and the increased employer contribution to furlough are put on hold in
affected sectors. I wrote to the Chancellor last week setting out the
support he needs to deliver (you can read the letter on my website here
[1]) and also tabled an Early Day Motion [2] in Parliament. I was pleased
that shortly after, the Government extended the commercial eviction ban -
one of the measures I had called for.


Carers have been some of the unsung heroes of the pandemic but the past 15
months have been huge strain on them. A survey by Carers UK found nearly 3
in 4 have had no break from caring during the pandemic and have lost, on
average, 25 hours of support a month they previously had from family,
friends or local services. I heard some heart-breaking stories from unpaid
carers at a virtual parliamentary drop-in event to mark Carers Week, and
fully back calls by Carers UK for more support for carers.


The outcome of the G7 summit was deeply disappointing, both on VACCINES and
climate which were two of the main issues under discussion. Boris Johnson
talked about "vaccinating the world", but the pledge of 1 billion vaccines
is less than 10% of what the WHO says is needed, and it won't be until
September that the UK delivers its first contribution of 5 million doses.

The vaccine nationalism being shown by this Government is both morally
wrong and counter-productive. Poorer countries need vaccines now if we are
to reduce the risk of variants emerging and being imported to the UK. I
raised this with the Health Secretary in Parliament [3] urging him to adopt
a jab-matching policy - yet again, I didn't get a satisfactory response.

On CLIMATE, there were headline pledges on the phase-out of coal but no end
to investment in new oil and gas developments. Nor did G7 leaders make good
on the commitment they gave more than 10 years ago to provide all of the
$100 billion a year in climate finance to poorer countries on the frontline
of the climate crisis. The fund is still billions of dollars short.

I raised this with the Prime Minister [4] during his statement on the G7
and, as usual, was treated to a list of the UK's supposed climate
achievements. The PM's boosterism and boasting on this issue is completely
misplaced. If he had read that day's devastating report from the
Government's own advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, about the risks
the UK is facing and how much worse they are getting owing to government
inaction, he would not have been so complacent.

I wrote about the outcome of the G7 summit in the iPaper. [5]


The UK hosted the G7 against the backdrop of a cut in the UK aid budget. I
joined the chairs of 10 other all party parliamentary groups in writing to
the Prime Minister [6] urging him to reverse this cut, which the WHO says
could cost millions of lives around the world.


I have been working with residents in a number of blocks in Brighton over
their concerns about fire safety. The blocks are too low to be covered by
the Government's programme to fund cladding replacement only in buildings
over 18 metres, and in any case, the fire hazards aren't about cladding. I
have asked a number of written questions of the housing minister (some of
them are here [7], here [8] and here [7]) and I will be writing to the
housing minister to see if he will meet with residents from the 11 blocks
affected, who are being placed under huge strain, facing huge costs for
"waking watches" and unable to sell their homes, if they want to move.


I met with the heads of our local colleges and sixth forms and our
wide-ranging discussions covered issues from the costs of Covid compliance
(still not covered by the Government) through to the importance of
addressing the long-standing under-funding of student places by raising the
base rate of funding per student in sixth forms and colleges, and the
importance of maintaining the B-tech qualification. I will be raising these
with relevant Ministers


You may remember that I have been pushing the Government to end the
discrimination against homeless young people and care leavers whose housing
benefit is about half the amount that over-25s can claim, putting
vulnerable young people at greater risk of ending up sleeping rough. In the
budget in March, the Chancellor did agree to do this, but not for another
three years. I'm really pleased that the Government has now listened to
those of us calling for change, and from this month they will get the
additional support which gives them at least a chance of finding a home.


Some of you in Brighton and Hove will be aware of Project Wood Store, a
brilliant scheme to recycle waste timber so that it's seen as a precious
resource, not simply discarded. It also provides jobs, work placements,
training and volunteering opportunities, working particularly with
marginalised people. It's moving to new premises, and has launched a
crowdfunder to help fit it out. Woodstore would be hugely grateful for any
support you can give
[link removed] [9]


I was incredibly said to learn of the death of Penny Kemp, a longstanding
Green Party activist and former head of communications for the party. I
worked with her in the late 1980s and she was a brilliant boss, immensely
kind and great fun. She was also a tireless champion for the climate and
nature, long before those campaigns became mainstream. I've been asked to
talk about her on the BBC Radio 4 programme 'The Last Word'.

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