From Team Mayorales <[email protected]>
Subject 🚨 POLL ALERT 🚨 Meet your new progressive frontrunner: Dianne Morales!
Date May 11, 2021 12:03 AM
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[link removed] [[link removed]]Dear friend,
You’ve probably seen a lot of talk about momentum lately, and for good reason: The state of the mayoral race is changing, and the power of this movement we’ve built together is getting stronger by the day.
We know that because we see it every day, whether through the thousands of New Yorkers who have signed up to volunteer for this campaign [[link removed]] or through those who stop Dianne on the street to talk to her about a brighter future for our city.
And now the polls are finally catching up: The latest numbers [[link removed]] show that Dianne has vaulted to third place in this race and is polling at 12%, making her the leading progressive candidate for NYC mayor.
Rush a donation today to help Dianne keep building support around the city! >> [[link removed]]
Pundits like to count us out. We’re used to it. We have cleared EVERY hurdle thrown up by an establishment that refuses to take this movement seriously, regardless of our impact on the ground.
We’re going to keep going, though, because this movement is bigger than us. It is made up of everyone who has talked to a friend about Dianne, signed up for a volunteer shift, donated, gone to a block party, or who just plain believes that we owe each other a city that is far more equitable and just than the one we have inherited.
We’re not going anywhere — except to City Hall, and we’re taking you with us.
We’ve beat expectations at EVERY turn throughout this race, and we’re going to do it again. Will you help us out by donating today so we can keep up this fight for a NYC that works for everyone?
Contribute $21 [[link removed]] Contribute $52 [[link removed]] Contribute $125 [[link removed]] Contribute $250 [[link removed]]In solidarity,
Team Mayorales
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