From Howie Hawkins for Our Future <[email protected]>
Subject Always remember this 1 thing
Date May 5, 2021 7:00 PM
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HI ,

There's a lot of noise in our world…

And I'm not even going to touch on the mainstream media.

There are so many opinions and so many people who were mobilizing for the
change that we need in this country but they got complacent after the 2020

But that's why we need to cut through the noise to wake people up to a very
important fact that lies at the heart of so many issues:


Look at what's happening right under our noses:

* Biden's budget proposal increases the military budget, including money
for new ICBMs that accelerate the new nuclear arms race.
* Biden calls out the human rights violations of China and Russia, but it
rings hollow because he ignores the human rights violations of U.S. allies
(and of the U.S itself at home -- see Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier,
Julian Assange, and the daily carnage by killer cops).
* In Biden's first 100 days, over 300,000 people have been deported.
(He's on pace to exceed both Trump and Obama in his first term.)
* In the Middle East, he is "recalibrating" relations with Saudi Arabia's
murderer-in-chief, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salmon, while he continues to
sell arms to the United Arab Emirates for the destruction Yemen
* He unconditionally backs Israel's occupation of the Palestinian
territories. He looks the other way as Turkey wages war on leftist Kurds in
Syria, Iraq, and Turkey itself.

Yet how many people are content to say "well at least we got rid of Trump"?

The truth is that getting rid of Trump didn't get rid of the bigger

We're still seeing the effects of U.S. imperialism. When Biden proclaims
"America is back," he means the imperialist machine is getting back in


Case in point:

* In Africa, Africom special forces fight for corrupt dictatorships
across the continent against popular insurgencies, increasing the
militarization of these conflicts that the U.S. treats as Islamic terrorism
rather than as the resistance to public neglect and kleptocracy that they
really are.
* In Latin America, the blowback from U.S. imperialism is found at the
U.S southern border, where tens of thousands refugees and asylum seekers
are still denied entry or deported back to face death in countries like
Honduras, the narco-state created by the U.S.-backed coup in 2009 when
Biden was Vice President. Biden wants to impose Juan Guaido as Venezuela's
U.S.-picked president. He backs the dictator president of Haiti who won't
leave office after his term expired.
* Globally, Biden continues the brutal sanctions on the people of Cuba,
Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. He ignores demands for debt relief from the
capitalist rentiers who extract wealth from the inpoverished Global South.
He ignores demands to end the off-shore tax havens where the super-rich
shelter their ill-gotten gains. He plays military games of chicken with
China and Russia instead of engaging them diplomatically to address global
warming and new nuclear arms race.

So… what do we do in the face of all of this?


Because we need to mobilize before it's too late.

We aren't settling for Biden and we certainly aren't turning a blind eye to
the continued imperialism.

We're fighting for peace policies and need your help.

When we all pitch in, we can:

* Cut the U.S. military budget 75% and redirect that money and brainpower
to an Ecosocialist Green New Deal for climate safety and economic security.
* Pledge no first use of nuclear weapons.
* Scale back our nukes to a minimum credible deterrent, and, on the basis
of these peace initiatives, engage all the nuclear powers in negotiations
for complete and mutual disarmament under the terms of the new Treaty on
the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Because it's past time that we make these changes.

The U.S can use its wealth to be a humanitiarian super-power instead of a
global military empire. Instead arms, we can send aid in a Global Green New

We can make friends, instead of enemies.

We can build peace instead of permanent war.

THIS is a world worth fighting for.

And we can only do it with your help.

It is going to take all of us to realize an EcoSocialist Green New Deal.
Can we count on you to donate today? [4]

Our fundraising comes from grassroots donations. Your donation matters and
empowers us to continue to fight and save our world.

The time for talk has come and gone. Now is the time for taking action!

Thank you for standing with us!




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Phone: (315) 220-0101

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