From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date April 30, 2021 9:41 AM
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Dear John,

After campaigning for many months, a 21-day notice of closure was placed on
an unsafe and substandard exempt property and today the case will be heard
in court. If granted, it will be the first time a property of this type has
been granted a notice of closure in the constituency.

Saif Lodge, managed by Midland Living, has been running as an exempt
property for a number of years, providing support and accommodation to some
of Birmingham’s most vulnerable residents, including those with substance
misuse issues and mental health support needs. However, for as long as the
property has been running, there has also been longstanding problems with
anti-social behaviour and with the property attracting drug dealers and sex

On a personal note, I’m delighted to see this progress. Residents of
Saif Lodge shouldn’t have to live in substandard accommodation without
the support they need, and neither should the business operating be able to
impact the community so critically.

I would like to thank the residents for working so closely with myself,
the Police and the Council. Their knowledge, passion and drive, has really
made the difference and has shown us what we can achieve working together.
In this case it has been so important to really make people understand the
devastating impact that unregulated accommodation providers, like those at
Saif Lodge, can have on a community and I will keep fighting to make sure
that all exempt providers are operating at a standard that makes us proud
to have them as part of our communities.



Challenging Government on the transparency of cuts to aid

Last week, the Foreign Secretary exposed his fear of scrutiny by trying to
sneak out a written statement on his callous aid cuts. Slashing
humanitarian support in the middle of a global pandemic is incredibly
short-sighted and people will lose their lives as a result. That’s why I
stood up and asked an urgent question on Parliament.



The shameful conduct of our PM

For the last month now, we’ve heard about more and more new scandals that
have come to light. Whether it’s about the dodgy PPE contracts, the
Greensill Scandal that could cost taxpayers as much as £5bn, and the
PM’s own conduct with payments for revamping his flat. But why this
matters and what the Conservatives have failed to grasp, is that hospital
waiting lists are rising. Crime is going up. People are worried about their
jobs. And almost 130,000 people across the UK have died. Yet, Boris
Johnson’s only priority is covering up Tory sleaze. We need a Prime
Minister who always puts the British public first.

The conduct of this Government is shameful. I truly find the way that they
are behaving reprehensible and far below the standards I would expect for
those in office. This week you might have caught me on Sky News and Radio 5
Live standing up to Conservative MPs who have backed the Prime Minister and
held them to account.



The opportunity to vote for better

Next Thursday will be election day which means we have the opportunity to
make some changes for the better. Over the last four years, not only have
we been stuck with a Conservative Government who have stripped away our
resilience and crippled the country, but we’ve also had a Conservative
Mayor who hasn’t been willing to use any of his so-called connections
with Government to get a better deal for the region.

On May 6th, we have the chance to elect a Labour West Midlands Mayor in
Liam Byrne who will lead our region and stand up for what we deserve. With
Liam as Mayor, he will fight to create new, green, high-skilled jobs that
are so sorely needed and back plans to really provide the infrastructure
and support our city needs to thrive.

We have Simon Foster standing for Police and Crime Commissioner. Vote for
Simon and he will fight against the cuts our Policing has faced over the
last decade and look to improve community policing and community safety.

We also have Elaine Kidney who is campaigning to join Cllr Kate Booth and
represent Quinton in Birmingham City Council. Elaine knows Quinton and has
lived in the area with three generations of her family. She understands
what the issues are and what needs to be done to address them whether
that’s with speeding, flytipping or improving housing for the area.

But, to see these changes and to be able take positive steps forward, we
need you to vote for them. If you’d like to do even more to get the
message out and help to get involved in doorknocking or delivering
(particularly on the 6th May), please contact our campaign organiser,
Patrick Saunders, on 07944 198 319.



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on behalf of Preet Kaur Gill, both at 56 Wentworth Road, B17 9TA.

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