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Subject Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - Pass the Prevention Package!
Date April 27, 2021 6:10 PM
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April 27, 2021



Dear citizens working to prevent child sexual abuse,

Join today with other citizens, survivors and child advocates to Pass the
Prevention Package! Massachusetts Senate and House leaders have filed
several bills in the 2021 Session to prevent child sexual abuse in our
schools, youth organizations and communities. It's easy and quick to send
an email to your Senator and Representative to support these bills.

Take Action!

[1]Contact your Senator and Representative TODAY and urge them to sign on
to these bills. We need to show strong bipartisan support and send the
message that Massachusetts children need action now.

Click the button below, enter your name and email, and an already drafted
email will automatically be generated to your State Senator and
Representative. You can choose to edit it, or send as is!

[2]Contact Your Legislators

Urge your Senator and Representative to
1. SIGN ON as a co-sponsor of these child sexual abuse prevention bills.
2. Urge their colleagues on the Education and Judiciary Committees to
report these bills out favorably, and
3. Vote for passage of the bills when they reach the Floor.

Here are the key facts:
* S369 and H241 will: Mandate education about child sexual abuse
prevention for all schools and youth organizations and ensure that they
adopt a model Code of Conduct.
* S10991 and H1471 will: Strengthen the screening of applicants for
positions in schools to identify any past sexual misconduct and prohibit
the aiding and abetting of a school employee engaged in sexual misconduct
with a student to secure a position in another school.
* S132, S1092 and H1620 will: Close the age of consent loophole that has
been providing legal protection for individuals engaged in sexual relations
with youth 16-18 years of age and increase penalties for educator sexual
misconduct and for persons in positions of authority over a child who
commit child sexual abuse.

Interested in learning more about the legislation? You can visit our
[3]Citizens to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse webpage for links to these bills,
a summary of their key provisions, and why passage is so critical.

Enough Abuse Cape Cod & Islands hosted a webinar featuring Senator Joan
Lovely speaking about this legislation. You can watch the recording by
[4]clicking [5]here or clicking on the flyer below.


Stay connected:

The Enough Abuse Campaign is now on Twitter, as well as Facebook and
Instagram! Click on the icons below and follow us to stay in the loop.
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