From Preet Kaur Gill MP <[email protected]>
Subject Here's your weekly update John
Date April 23, 2021 9:55 AM
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Dear John,

Across the constituency, and especially in Bartley Green and Quinton,
access to public transport has often been difficult and that isn’t
acceptable. So, I’m asking residents to tell me about their experiences
of using the bus, what changes you would like to see moving forward and the
transport requirements you think that the area needs.

With this information, I’ll be speaking to the bus company so that the
routes that have been cut and the times that have been changed, will be
reviewed and all areas have the service they deserve.



How aid cuts will affect those at home and abroad

This week provided another opportunity to try and question Government
ministers over their cuts to foreign aid and to ask them to stand by their
actions and put these shortsighted cuts to a vote.

In 2019/20, spending was cut by £712 million because of the economy
shrinking. However, in 2021, this was reduced from 0.7% of the national
income to 0.5%. In effect causing a double cut which will affect thousands
of people around the world as well as at home.

With Edgbaston constituency covering three of the five Birmingham located
universities, planned cuts to research, which comes from the aid budget,
will cause huge disruption to projects that are already in progress as well
as damage to the city reputationally as a globally renowned research
At the University of Birmingham, more than 11 research projects have
potentially been impacted with more uncertainty to follow. But, around the
world there are hundreds more projects that are in a similar situation. How
can the UK expect to retain our international reputation for world-leading
research when the Government cuts funding so last minute, in such a
strategically foolish manner?

This was followed up later this week by the Government sneaking out their
plans for aid spending in 2021 as a written statement. They’ve slashed
humanitarian support in the middle of a global pandemic is callous and
incredibly shortsighted. As the only G7 nation to cut aid, this is a
retreat from our moral duty and people will lose their lives as a result.



Supporting Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Over the last two years, England Men have won the Cricket World Cup,
Warwickshire's Women's team had great success last year and Edgbaston
Cricket Ground hosted one of the original sporting pilots in 2020. In
Edgbaston where for many, cricket is an obsession, before the pandemic the
sport was really gaining momentum.

We now need that momentum back. From 10-15th June is the Edgbaston Test and
it's the perfect opportunity to safely organise a trial, with backing from
public health, where the ground could operate at 50% capacity, rather than
the current 25%.

Cricket is an iconic feature of the British summer, and the Test at
Edgbaston would represent a great statement that Birmingham and Britain are
back swinging and open for business.



The developing crisis with Covid in India

Last night you might have caught me on Newsnight speaking about the
developing crisis with Covid in India. While the UK might be starting to
cautiously reopen, India has recorded the highest one-day tally of new
Covid-19 cases anywhere in the world and concerningly has detected another
mutated strain.

This is why getting vaccinated is so important. The UK Government should be
pushing for an increase in the number of vaccines being manufactured and
distributed globally to help people get vaccinated as soon as possible.
Failing to get the pandemic under control by supporting poorer countries
risks people's lives, the risk of mutations of the virus into new, deadly
forms and inhibiting trade and the economic recovery nationally and around
the world. And, while 50% of the UK population has received a first dose,
only around 11% have been vaccinated in India.

We should be sharing surplus vaccines as soon as possible with a plan set
out by our government on how and when we will do that so that the Covax
facility can in term plan for vaccine distribution.



Join us at Fix It

In March, Centre for Mental Health released a briefing examining young
Black men's mental health during Covid-19. The paper explores evidence of
the unequal effects of COVID-19 on young Black men, including insights from
the Shifting the Dial partnership.

The Government recently produced a roadmap for the easing of lockdown and
next steps for recovery. However, there are concerns that compounding
inequalities faced by young Black men are likely to result in a national
pandemic response that does not sufficiently address their needs. We need
to Fix It.

Please join me as well as other leaders across health, education, local
government and, of course, Centre for Mental Health who will share their
views and reflections.

The event will be held on Tuesday 27 April 2021, 10.30am-12pm via Zoom.


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