For years, many weapons experts and activists have been warning that ICBMs are the single most dangerous part of the nuclear threat that hangs over all of us. Now, some members of Congress are stepping up to do something about it -- and you can do something to help in the next couple of minutes.

Sen. Edward Markey and Rep. Ro Khanna have introduced a bill that would curtail the current plans to sink vast amounts of money into a new version of ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles), and instead would devote resources to developing a universal coronavirus vaccine that would save countless lives.

Now, the bill needs co-sponsors -- and you can quickly send emails to your senators and representative to urge them to sign onto this vital bill.

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The new ICBM program is part of an unhinged plan to “modernize” the U.S. nuclear arsenal at a projected cost of $1.7 trillion. This plan would not only squander money that’s desperately needed to meet human needs -- it would also make everyone less safe, because ICBMs are on “hair-trigger” alert due to their vulnerability on the ground.

Long story short, ICBMs increase the risks of nuclear annihilation.

RootsAction strongly supports the Markey-Khanna “ICBM Act” as a step toward sanity. We urge you to take action as a constituent to use our action page and quickly send emails to your members of Congress on this crucial matter.

The lives we save could include our own and those of our loved ones.

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>>  News Release: Sen. Markey, Rep. Khanna Introduce the “ICBM Act”
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>>  Report from the Center for International Policy: “Inside the ICBM Lobby: Special Interests or the National Interest?”

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